CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Season Finale- The End Game Recap 2/15/2015

By on February 16, 2015


In the fifteenth season finale of CSI,  a couple of women tattoo Winthrop, then proceed to have sex with him. He goes over a mantra to himself and cuts off his own finger to be like his twin.  At the lab, Nick visits D.B and the latter playfully scolds Nick for not telling him about the San Diego offer. He insists that Nick should take it. Nick’s still not sure.  Later with Finn, she opens a package addressed from her mother – statues of Castor and Pollux- The Twins in Greek mythology, and then Brisco’s finger. He calls her moments after, and claims it’s the beginning of the end.

Finn took the finger to the lab. D.B catches them up with mythology- when Castor was killed, Pollux sacrificed part of his immortality and give it to Castor so they would live on: “they’re back and more powerful than ever.” Ecklie tries to bring them back to reality and how serious it could be. Ecklie asks about Daniel Shaw’s part in the whole thing. Finn’s skepitcal about him being inolved, but goes to see him. Across the lab, Sara checks in with Nick about a new scene. Nick goes to ask her about her opinion on getting the job in San Diego. Sara tells him to go for it- and says Grissom would tell him to go for it, too.  Dan has arrived and wants to be as helpful as possible, despite his lawyer thinking otherwise. He wants to work with Finn alone, though. Dan insists he knows Winthrop has another connection, but he’ll need a 48 hour leave to investigate. Finn will consider it for a name. Dan says Brother Larson, a preacher-pimp they’ve dealt with before. Across town, Larson talks to one of his working girls who was almost assaulted. He convinces her to stay in the trade. He has someone drive her off, and as the car drives off, Dan shows up behind it. The pair catch up. He insists Larson needs to repay all the favors that he’s done for Larson. Larson is skeptical about being alone. Finn arrives. Larson’s delighted at being right. She offers that if he helps them find Larson, they can drop the death penalty from any future sentence. Larson agrees. Larson says Paul Withrop’s father is the biggest bet- but he’s also a good man, then checks out. At the lab, Henry goes to Morgan with trace from the liquid Wintrop’s finger was dropped in as well as it being found on the statue. He’s found blood, but not Winthrop’s. It belongs to one person in a female set of twins. Morgan realizes Winthrop sent them a murder weapon. Greg goes to Hodges to see if anything’s new. The former’s found traces of ink in the liquid from the finger tank as well. He’s traced it to a tattoo artist and his wife- and her twin sister. Now the twins are IDed. Greg goes to get Sara and they head to the tattoo parlor. It’s been done up as a processed crime scene again. They find a picture of Winthrop, tattooed and wearing glasses to look like Brisco. Two become one.

They continue to find a strange fiber by a blood pool. They compute the girls’ time of death to be twelves hours ago. Sara finds a recorder- Winthrop’s MO yet again. They play it, and Winthrop goes over his work, then calls out D.B afterward and mocks him. At the lab, D.B and Finn listen in, and they rule that Winthrop’s accomplice is still unknown. Later, Hodges has IDed the fiber- it’s a hand-woven plant fiber- dog bane. The trace on the rope is pollen from a rare plant- Artemis bloom- referencing another mythological twin. Finn and Dan research Winthrop’s father Collin. He’s been accused of sexual assault. He’s reportedly fled to Mexico, so he could help Winthrop from afar, but not directly. It’s enough to jog Dan’s memory of something. He follows a paper trail to a location of Collin’s business. Nick goes to the location in San Diego county with Dan and Finn inbount.  A CSI, Ellis, greets him and jokes about potentially being his employee soon. Ellis brings him to an aerial photo of the area. They make a plan to try to find Collin within the area. Finn and Dan arrive and eventually find Collin. Collin preaches that he and his son are innocent. He’s defensive. Across the area, Nick and Ellis go into the guesthouse and find a bulletproof vest. Winthrop was definitely there, but he’s fled. Nick spots a freezer and opens it- two bodies- twins. He calls Finn to inform her and they arrest Collin. They wind down, only for Finn to get a call from Winthrop, claiming that she thinks his father’s a chip of the old block for him, but that’s ‘where she’s wrong.’ Finn puts the pieces together quickly and tries to get everyone to take cover, but it’s too late. Collin is shot, and when Finn’s about to get shot, Dan takes the bullet for her.

In the two part season finale, two young women, sisters, go clothes shopping for a night on the town. The older, Lexi, gives her younger sister,Kara a makeover. They go out on the town and get a bunch of male attention. Lexi meets up with two men. She kisses one who introduces his friend as Peter. Lexi and Peter go off together and leave Peter’s friend with Kara. The friend offers to take Kara to go somewhere. Fast forward a few hours, the boy in question is dead in a public bathroom with his throat slit. Nick and Dave investigate. They find a bug carcass and a cell phone. They ID him, then Nick finds a picture of Peter and Kara. He looks happy, she sure doesn’t.

Sara arrives to help investigate. They find a knife as the murder weapon. They plan to track down Kara. At the lab later, Morgan checks in with D.B. They’ve IDed Kara and want to talk with her father as the card owner. They bring her father John, a big wig in Las Vegas’ legal world, in, and he points out she’s thirteen. He’s not happy about the company she’s leading. Nick admits they don’t know where she is. Nick tries to pull more familial connections Kara might be with, but he’s not sure. Nick promises he’ll find the girls. Hodges checks in with D.B about the insect skin. It’s from a scorpion, but its sting is relatively mild, no worse than a bee sting. Doc Robbins arrives to get the details. D.B says they’re working against time now with who the girls are.  In the AV lab, Finn and Sara find video of the girls and the men. They find out the older man, Axel, was a pimp and possible rapist involved in drug trafficking. He has a scorpion tattoo to boot. They bring him in. Axel denies knowing where they were, or what happened. He says he met up with Lexi, then went to work. D.B goes to Ecklie to update him on what’s happening. He insists that they keep John updated with the case. Greg visits Morgan to try and track the girls’ phones. They find the location, but they’re not moving. They’re either being held somewhere, or its where their bodies were dumped. They scramble cops to the location to an open field. Greg and Morgan follow the trail. They find both phones smashed to pieces. One phone has a video. In it, Lexi ask a hidden driver why he’s taken her and where. The driver threatens Kara and the video stops.

At the lab Nick breaks the news about the girls to John. He asks him if he’s made enemies who would be willing to hurt the girls to get to him. John asks to see the video. Nick reluctantly agrees.  They watch it and he denies knowing the driver, and is less than hopeful about the girls’ fates. Morgan arrives to see about the results, and it turns out Lexi tried to send the video to John. It’s revealed Lexi and John aren’t on the best terms, and Nick offers that it means a lot that the first person Lexi thought of when they were in danger was him.  Finn hears the latest development and goes to D.B about it. She points out the girls left the mall alone, but it doesn’t mena they weren’t dragged off outside. Greg arrives to tell them that Lexi had an admirer who sends a lot of revealing photos. She told him to stop, the pervert countered that she was just like her mother. The number belongs to a man Dennis Leads. They bring in the girls’ mother Tori to ask about Dennis. Further in the conversation she admits she walked in on Dennis sexually assaulting Lexi. She kicked him out, but nothing happened further. John hears that bit and starts screaming at her. Sara breaks up the fight.  Later, Nick checks in with Morgan, who has IDed the car itself so they have that lead. Nick gets a phone call that upsets him and he runs off. Shortly after, he arrives at the scene where a body is: it’s Lexi. He asks if there was any sign of Kara, but there’s nothing. She could still be alive.

Sara arrives to process the new scene. She finds a necklace. Greg checks in and asks where Nick is. He’s left to be the one who would process Lexi’s body. Sara asks about new details. Greg doesn’t have much, but a possible getaway car: an SUV. He points out they may have prints to go on, too. At the morgue, Nick is uneasy to find John checking on Lexi’s body. John starts claiming her death is his fault since he was ‘a bad father’ and such.  Nick denies it.  Nick talks him into leaving and starts processing. Doc Robbins joins him later. The latter says she was killed by something made from stone and she also has a scorpion sting on her shoulder. He goes to see Sara and the pair talk about John not deserving what’s going on. He points out John almost got him a job in San Francisco that he denied.  Across the lab, Henry goes to D.B with more info on the new scorpion sting- this one’s more venomous than Hodges’ lead. The sting was the thing that slowed Lexi down and enabled her killer to catch up and beat her to death. Greg gets that lead and he and Morgan cross check the list of owners of death stalker scorpions and the SUV: it’s Kieran Clark. They go to find him. The pair wait when cops clear the area. It’s all clear. No Kara, no Kieran. They investigate the place and it’s full of tanks with scorpions,  lizards, tarantulas and other screepy pets. Greg finds a wall of stalker photos of Kara- or so it seems, as Greg realizes it’s not Kara, but it’s pretty much a dead ringer for her.

Nick checks on John, and he explains the shrine that they found. John’s not happy that it’s over a lookalike. His hope’s gone. Nick tries to get him to be hopeful. Nick promises he’ll find her. Greg, Sara and D.B regroup. They’ve IDed the woman as a Jennifer, who Dennis dated and then stalked over a failed relationship. They walk through what happened: Peter was killed to get him out of the way, Lexi was killed for escaping, all that’s left is Kara. Hodges comes in with more trace evidence- sealant from driveway repair from where Lexi and Kara were being held. Kieran smashed her head into the road, thus the blunt trauma. They trace the driveways that have been refinished soon. Nick says he’s going to the address they found. Finn insists he wait for backup- he doesn’t. He dries to the house and storms it. He arrives to see Kieran holding Kara at knifepoint. Nick tries to talk him down, but when Kieran goes to slit her throat, Nick shoots him dead. He gets her out of there and takes her to the hospital, where John reunites with her. John thanks him profusely, then says he’s chosen to retire- and wants Nick to take his job running the San Diego crime lab. Nick’s not so sure about it, but he’s tempted.


Ellis finds the sniper’s nest and reports in with Nick about it. At the main house, Dan’s body wheeled out in an ambulance and Finn calls D.B to check in. D.B and Finn insist that she needs to come back to the lab, just in case Winthrop’s around even if chances are slim. She agrees. At the morgue, Doc  Robbins processes the girls and finds evidence of sexual activity.  In the lab, Finn breaks the news to Amy about Dan. Morgan checks in with D.B. They have video evidence from earlier in the day: Collin is angry at someone. It’s Larson. Morgan checks out the plants with a new piece of tech that picks up vibrations from plants that they pick up from their surroundings. She herself is skeptical about the process, but the pick up what the men are saying. Turns out Collin has a daughter being held hostage and Larson is the only one who knows where she is. They bring Larson in. He mentions Mae Winthrop being missing since she was thirteen. He accuses Larson of knowing where she is. Larson comes clean. He tells a story of a young teenager who was pregnant. She runs off to a convent, where she gave birth to twin boys Jared and Paul, but she didn’t want them. She didn’t want her father to lay claim to them, anyway. Turns out Jared and Paul were the product of incest. Eventually Collin found Paul, but not Jared or Mae. She vanished. D.B is less than convinced because they found DNA evidence to show Larson is Paul and Jared’s father. Larson argues he’s lied to protect Mae. ‘Paul will find Mae and render judgement unless you find her, because I no longer can.’ Turns out Finn has met Mae- it’s Sister Alice from the convent she went to not long ago. He decides to go to the convent with Finn. He goes to find her in her apartment, only to find blood on the door handle and the door open. He goes inside to find another processed crime scene, and Winthrop shows up behind him.

D.B realizes Finn may be dead and grabs a nearby weapon to defend himself and Winthrop pulls a gun on him. At the lab, Morgan tells Sara she hasn’t heard anything from Finn or D.B, and sister Alice isn’t around either. Sara has a bad feeling so she goes to check Finn’s condo. At the condo, D.B drops his weapon. Winthrop encourages him to investigate the scene to see Finn’s fate. He taunts that Finn begged him to end her life. D.B points out that the bloodpool is hardly lethal and there’s no blood spatter. Finn’s alive, but not around. He was interrupted. The CSIs arrive outside. Winthrop taunts him more that Finn is alive. D.B points out that they found Winthrop’s mother. He’s not convinced. D.B offers a trade- Finn’s location for his mother’s. The CSIs and cops storm in and Winthrop goes to shoot the intruder only for a cop to shoot him. D.B tries to get Finn’s location out of him. Winthrop refuses. Morgan and Greg find a stolen car. Finn’s inside, badly beaten and half dead. Greg tries to recessitate her.  Later at the lab, D.B puts his things together as Nick arrives to check on him. It turns out it’s been weeks since they got Finn back, but she’s in a coma- as is Winthrop. Nick admits that he’s going to take the San Diego job, but sometime in the near future. He doesn’t want to go yet because of Finn’s situation. D.B insists that Finn would tell him to go. Nick agrees and heads to clean out his locker. Greg and Sara arrive to see him off.

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