Dance Moms Recap 2/17/15- Season 5, Ep.7- Wild Wild West Coast, Part 1

By on February 17, 2015
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“Dance Moms” has become an even hotter mess, if you can believe that, since Abby Lee Miller has taken her key dancers to Los Angeles. She is either absent or putting all her attention on one specific dancer, leaving the others on the dust. You can keep up with “Dance Moms” here.

abbyIn LA, Abby seems to be having some sort of meltdown. This is not as easy as I think she hoped it would be. Jessalynn and daughter JoJo have come along for the ride and occasionally gets to be in routines. Last week, she had a solo but she came in behind Kendall, just validating that maybe she should not be there. In her defense, she was playing the part of “Carrie” in some fashion and Abby was upset that she did not watch the movie. Is it really a movie for a nine or ten year old? I am not so sure. She also came down with lice which was an opening for Nia to return.

Abby and Holly have been butting heads for weeks now and Nia was taken out of the group dance. She then went off to sing with Aubrey O’Day behind Abby’s back which was not a good situation at all. Nia stuck around for the competition but was not allowed to do very much but sit on the stage with her group. The dancers had been coming in second for awhile and that does not work at all but the moms feel that if she wants number one, she should always be present. Holly, on the flip side, is mad at the moms for not standing with her when Abby is harsh, especially when they have gossiped behind her back.

The girls finally came in number one for the group routine but Nia was not allowed to go up and accept the award. Thankfully, they are almost done with LA for now. Tonight, Abby brings in two swing dancers who take up most of her time and threaten to ruin the other girls’ chances at a big video audition for rapper MattyB.

Keep reading to find out if any of the girls make it into the video.

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