Dance Moms Recap 2/24/15- Season 5, Ep.8- Wild Wild West Coast, Part 2

By on February 24, 2015
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“Dance Moms” has been a hot mess since Abby Lee Miller decided to move her studio to Los Angeles. Nothing seems to be working out for anyone except for Maddie and the moms are either too hot-headed or not verbal enough. You can keep up with the latest episode of “Dance Moms” here. 


When Abby decided to take her girls from Pittsburgh to Los Angeles, she made the decision that she would manage all of the dancer’s careers. Bad idea because it started to feel like she only cared about Maddie, Mackenzie and Kalani. Holly was up in arms over Abby’s negligence towards Nia and she made a point of letting everyone know that. She had hoped that the other moms would support her but that never happened. That was like a double betrayal because not only was Abby being flaky but so were the moms. New random dancers were being brought in from the second team that Abby had formed last season then fired.

Abby has decided to make two small groups for the last week in Los Angeles so that they can up their chances of winning. New girls are getting duets, solos…no one is happy. Then, an amazing opportunity came their way. YouTube sensation MattyB decided that he wanted the ALDC to dance in his latest video. All the girls went through two audition processes: one where they danced and one where they sang. The best singer would sing lead with MattyB on the track so that would seemingly be Mackenzie or Mack Z as she is known to fans.

Yes, Mackenzie won the lead but Abby was fuming when she discovered that Melissa signed a contract without her knowledge. There are certain guidelines that Mackenzie has to follow and her mom may have messed that up for her. Tonight, the ALDC’s last week in Los Angeles is busy with the girls juggling a competition with the music video shoot. Abby has a disagreement with the singer’s manager and tries to shut down the shoot. Later, she decides to cut one dancer, which causes the moms to scramble to secure a position for their daughters. Hello hot mess!

Keep reading to see who gets cut!

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