General Hospital Recap for 2/16/15 – 2/20/15

By on February 20, 2015
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This week on General Hospital – Spinelli is back with a stunning announcement; Jake remembers his real name; Ned seems doomed to make the same mistakes again; and Tracy makes a horrible discovery about Luke.


At the Metro Court Olivia is stunned as a nurse at General Hospital delivers unexpected news over the phone: You don’t have the flu; you are pregnant! As Olivia hangs up, Ned approaches. He explains he and Alexis had a fight over Julian—and that Alexis is still in love with Julian. Olivia sighs. Well, this makes things complicated because she is pregnant with Julian’s baby!

Meanwhile Alexis tells Julian that she wants to be with him. Her fight with Ned made her realize she is still in love with the mobster. Julian raises his handcuffed arm to try to kiss Alexis, but Alexis says she needs to break up with Ned first.

At the police station Nathan tells Dante that Maxie helped Johnny flee town. Dante advises him to talk to Maxie, so Nathan heads to her place where he interrupts Spinelli and Maxie. It turns out Ellie broke up with Spinelli because she believes Spinelli is still in love with Maxie—and that he belongs with Maxie and their daughter Georgie. So Ellie stayed behind in Portland while Spinelli took Georgie to visit Maxie to see if they can be a family. Problem is Maxie is with Nathan!

Sabrina visits Michael at the Quartermaine mansion to tell him that Carlos was working for Fluke. Michael shares his plan for revenge on Sonny. Sabrina questions his motives, imploring him to reconsider his options, but Michael has already started.

Carly and Sonny are enjoying a nice romantic dinner in front of the fire when Avery wakes up. They play with her until a stranger enters. He throws papers at Sonny, saying he has been served. Sonny opens the envelope: Michael is suing for custody of Avery! WTH?

Kiki visits Franco at Shadybrook where Franco mistakes her for his daughter. Kiki tearfully reminds him that he is wrong and asks if he thinks she could sue for custody of Avery. Franco thinks that she should do what is best for Avery and thanks Kiki for being a great daughter. He says good-bye, but Kiki insists that she will see him again. Franco doesn’t think so; he encourages her to live her best life and wishes her well. Kiki smiles and blows him a kiss. And that’s a wrap for actors Roger Howarth and Kristen Alderson, who have been working together for at least 20 years! The next time we see Kiki, she will have a new face.

It is Spencer’s birthday and Helena is teaching him how to dance. It’s a very sweet moment, except for the fact that Helena is a psychopath. Spencer remembers how dangerous his great-grandmother is; in fact he asks her if she will cut him if he mis-steps. Helena assures him that she loves him like she loves Nikolas, but we all know her love is just as dangerous as her hate.

Tracy, Lulu, and Elizabeth wait anxiously in Patrick’s office at General Hospital. Patrick enters to tell give them the results of the scans he had performed on Luke and Jake. He found a microchip in Jake’s brain, just where Helena said it would be. However, he found nothing in Luke’s brain. Elizabeth happily fetches Jake from jail so Patrick can talk to him about surgery, but it looks grim. Patrick isn’t sure he can remove the microchip without killing Jake. Jake asks for a moment alone with Elizabeth. He decides that he wants the surgery. Living under Helena’s control is no life at all—and if he dies, well, at least he will die a free man.

Meanwhile Lulu heads to Wyndemere to confront Helena. What did she do to Luke?! Helena denies everything, but she sings like a canary when Nikolas threatens her send her back to jail.

Tracy stomps into the jail to confront Luke. Luke is cruel to her, calling her names and that he never loved her. He claims he made a mistake letting Sonny take control of Frank Smith’s organization because it was rightfully his. That’s why he contacted Julian—and ultimately Helena—to involve them in his plans. Tracy narrows her eyes. She doesn’t buy any of this and is determined to find out what is really wrong with Luke.

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