General Hospital Recap for February 23 to February 27

By on February 28, 2015
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This week General Hospital, in Port Charles…Spencer and Emma are in danger; Maxie is torn between Nathan and Spinelli; and Silas has a surprising secret!

Maxie arrives at Kelly’s with baby Georgie just in time to hear Spinelli confess to Nathan that he is still in love with Maxie and wants to be a family with her and Georgie. Nathan drops his polite demeanor. Obviously he’s upset, especially when Maxie reveals that she knew about this. Maxie explains that she didn’t want to ruin Georgie’s visit; she assures Nathan that she cares about him. However, she pauses when Nathan asks her if she still loves Spinelli. Meanwhile Spinelli sits nearby with his daughter, ready to prove that he knows Maxie much better than Nathan ever could.

Anna visits Jordan at Jordan’s new residence: a rundown motel in the dark parts of town. Anna tells her about her new job as a federal agent. She intends to find out what Sloane is hiding. When Jordan suggests that Nikolas had something to do with the mayoral election tampering, Anna refuses to believe it. Nikolas is one of the good guys!

Unbeknownst to everyone, Nikolas is having a crisis of conscience. Sloane visits him to ask about their next move. Nikolas warns him to stay quiet and aware. Spencer returns home after a visit with Uncle Sonny. He goes to get ready for his birthday party, thanking his awesome dad as he runs upstairs. Nikolas pauses, hit with guilt. Later he berates himself. He knows that Jake is really Jason, yet he is keeping the truth from Jason’s family because he wants to take over ELQ. What is he doing? (That’s what we’d like to know!)

The party begins with lots of music and awesome swag—and Spencer arriving in a shiny blue boxer’s robe with his name embroidered on the back, a present from Uncle Sonny. Cameron and Emma get into a fight; they ultimately break up because Cameron is upset that Emma did not tell him that Josslyn was only pretending to be Spencer’s girlfriend. He also feels that Josslyn understands him better than Emma does, so he stomps on poor Emma’s heart. Emma is in tears as Cameron leaves with Josslyn. Unbeknownst to all of them, Cameron knocks a swag bag onto a candle, starting a fight behind a table. Spencer asks Emma to dance to cheer her up as the fire grows bigger. How these ten-year-olds don’t notice it is amazing. Someone needs to get their eyes—and noses—checked!

At General Hospital Elizabeth and Patrick ask Jake if he remembers who he is. Jake doesn’t, but that he thought he did right before he went under anesthesia. Patrick heads to Spoon Island to pick Emma up while Sam and Carly stay behind to talk to Jake. Carly apologizes for not helping him more, which is silly. And Sam feels a strange connection to him, making Jake wonder why Sam would want to help him after he took her hostage and broke into her house. Sam explains that there must be a family waiting for Jake somewhere, so she intends to ask her cousin Nikolas if he knows anything about Jake’s true identity. Helena must’ve said something or maybe Nikolas can get the truth out of his grandmother. Jake laughs; Sam is a Cassadine? Should he call out for help? Sam smiles. It looks like a nice friendship has been born.

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