General Hospital Recap for February 9 to 13, 2015

By on February 14, 2015
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On General Hospital it was a celebration of Valentine’s Day with escaped felons, a surprise pardon from the governor, a mentally disturbed dad, and fun guest stars from “Cristala” and “Baby Daddy.”

Sam wakes up to find Patrick sweetly hovering. Patrick explains that he gave breakfast to both Emma and Danny. After walking Emma to school, he took Danny to the park. And now Danny is down for his afternoon nap. Sam can’t believe Patrick let her oversleep! Patrick said it was for Sam’s well-being. He knows how stressed she is. Sam confesses she can’t stop thinking about Jake and the brainwashing Helena did on him, but is glad he is behind bars. She allows Patrick to comfort her as they make love.

Jake is happy to see Elizabeth when she walks into the prison. Elizabeth, however, is not smiling. She immediately rips into Jake for his actions. Jake can’t explain it, other than he was brainwashed. Elizabeth realizes that Jake could be telling the truth. After all, Lucky was brainwashed by Helena. Elizabeth softens and vows to help Jake.

Morgan returns to Kiki’s place where Kiki admits she can’t believe her mother is dead. As she cradles Avery, Kiki notes how ironic it is that she is now without a mother as she has to act like a mother to Avery. Morgan offers his help as he reminds her that he is here for her—and their shared little sister.

Meanwhile at General Hospital Ivy introduces her father, the governor of New York to Sonny. Her father thanks Sonny for saving Ivy’s life, among others on the Haunted Star—and grants him a full pardon! Sonny tries to decline, but the governor says it’s a done deal. While Michael sputters with anger, the governor produces the paperwork and Sonny is a free man! Michael storms off while Sonny says there is someone he is dying to meet. So Carly takes him to Silas’ apartment where Sonny finally gets to see his new daughter, Avery. Morgan is surprised to see his dad, but Kiki is not. She reluctantly allows Sonny to hold Avery and nearly bursts into tears when Sonny nonchalantly says he intends to bring Avery home with him tomorrow. Kiki whimpers; first she loses her mom, and now her little sister? Morgan tries to comfort Kiki as Sonny and Carly saunter out.

Downstairs in the morgue Nathan tells Tracy and Lulu that the real Luke Spencer is indeed behind bars. That makes the corpse on the table Bill Eckart—or until they can ascertain from further testing. Tracy become convinced that Luke had been brainwashed by Helena and heads to the prison to see them. There she confronts them, demanding that Helena reverse Luke’s brainwashing. Helena coos that she will only play along if Tracy secures full immunity for both Helena and Luke. Tracy stares at Helena; she must be bonkers!

Nikolas summons Spencer to the Wyndemere living room where he tells Spencer that Helena has been arrested for trying to kill Aunt Lulu, among others. Spencer doesn’t understand as Nikolas tries to explain that Great-grandmother doesn’t have the same ethics that they do. But the question remains, what kind of ethics does Nikolas have now?

Johnny is in decent shape, thanks to Sabrina’s medical skills. Sabrina takes another opportunity to lecture Carlos and Johnny on their dangerous lives. She also doesn’t feel that Ava deserved to die. Johnny reminds Sabrina of Ava’s crimes, including killing Connie, and that this is the reality of the mob life.

Nathan is helping Maxie put a crib together for Georgie’s visit. They discuss Sonny’s escape and the Haunted Star and all the craziness with Luke. Nathan gets a work call and heads out. He ends up at Sabrina’s place. Panicked, Sabrina hides Johnny and Carlos before answering the door. Nathan spies Johnny’s blood on a couch cushion. He pulls out his gun, scaring Sabrina. Nathan pretends to leave, tricking Carlos to come out of hiding. He immediately arrests Carlos. Where is Johnny?

Maxie answers her door to Johnny. Stunned she asks what is going on. Johnny explains he needs to leave town ASAP. Does she have any cash? Maxie refuses to get involved, but pours out the contents of her purse. She warns Johnny she intends to take shower so he better not “swipe her car keys or her cash or credit cards.” Johnny nods. See you in another life, Maxie! Maxie wishes him well and leaves the room. When she returns, her stuff is gone.

Alexis heads straight to GH when she hears that Julian has been hurt. She actually ditches Ned, prompting him to follow her. Olivia sees Ned and assumes he is there for flu medicine, but Ned confesses that he is spying on Alexis. He apologizes for mentioning his problems, especially since Olivia made it clear she couldn’t be his friend. Olivia softens and admits she misses their friendship and allows Ned to lean on her.

Meanwhile Julian updates Alexis on Fluke. Alexis can’t believe it. Michael interrupts to ask Alexis to put Sonny back in Pentonville. Julian lectures Michael on how much Sonny loves him and how they risked their lives to save both Michael and Lucas. Michael spits that Julian didn’t kill Tony, Lucas’ adoptive father and storms out. He bumps into Olivia and informs her that he intends to make Sonny pay.

The next morning Nathan surprises Maxie with flowers for Valentine’s Day. He tells her he’s been working all night searching for Johnny. Maxie uncomfortably tries to change the subject to Georgie’s impending arrival. Nathan offers to gas up Maxie’s car, and finds it missing! Maxie confesses to helping Johnny. Naturally Nathan explodes. What the hell was she thinking?! Maxie explains her actions, which makes Nathan really upset. He explains that now he is going to have to arrest her. When Maxie holds out her wrists, Nathan reminds her that she could lose custody of Georgie. He tells Maxie he is falling in love with her and runs out to try to fix things.

Morgan arrives to check on Kiki and Avery. Kiki doesn’t believe that Sonny tried to save Ava; he has wanted to kill her for months! Morgan disagrees. Kiki also doesn’t want Sonny to take Avery, but Morgan gently reminds her that Sonny is Avery’s father.

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