General Hospital Recap for Week of February 6, 2015

By on February 7, 2015

General Hospital had an exciting week this week with Franco going to great lengths for Nina; Sonny proving just how much he loves his sons; and answers to Fluke’s real identity beginning to surface.

At the Elm Street house Dante comes face to face with a charred skeleton sitting in a chair! He assumes it’s Luke and that Fluke killed him. As the bomb begins its countdown, Dante frantically dials Lulu, but gets Fluke instead. Fluke tells him that there is another bomb on the Haunted Star, so Dante shouldn’t fret. Soon both he and Lulu will be dead!

At the Haunted Star Fluke gives a speech that is supposed to be about the wonderful things the AJ Quartermaine Clinic will do for the community. Instead he bitterly lashes out at everyone for not realizing there was an imposter walking among them. Lulu intercedes, saying they all know Luke would not be capable of what Fluke did. As Michael gives his own speech, Fluke answers Lulu’s phone. He puts on a show for Lulu, yelling at Dante for his jealousy towards Johnny and berating him for his absence. Before Lulu can grab the phone, Fluke hangs up. Oh, did Lulu want to talk to her husband? Lulu stares at her dad in disbelief, but she is too upset with Dante to realize how strangely her father is acting.

At the police station Nathan calls Jordan in to question her about Sonny’s prison escape. Jordan swears she knew nothing about it. She also is surprised when Nathan knows nothing about Luke really being Bill Eckart and says that Dante went to the Elm Street house to investigate. Sensing trouble, Nathan heads over there just in time to rescue Dante as the bomb’s final seconds tick…

Sam marches into the interrogation room to confront Jake: why did he steal her phoenix figurine? It was a wedding present from her late husband, Jason. And Jason had it with him when he died. Jake sputters that he has no idea and no memory of doing any of the things he is accused of. Instead of calling for a lawyer or a cop to remove Sam, Jake listens to her ranting and raving. When he grabs her arm, he gets a flash of memory—of her and him, or stealing the phoenix from her room, and of Helena ordering him to kill Sam. Jake shares all of this with Sam, who softens a bit. She wants to help him, since he didn’t kill her and Patrick. As she questions Jake, Jake has another memory flash: there is a bomb on the Haunted Star!

On the pier Helena panics when she sees Nikolas and his date Ivy about to board the Haunted Star. She stops Nikolas, but he pays her no mind. Finally Helena orders her goons to grab him. She reveals that there is a bomb on the boat and has Nikolas knocked out before he can protest.

Julian is driving the getaway van with Sonny, Ava, and Franco along for the ride. They notice Johnny and Carlos tailing them right before they crash. A shoot-out ensues as Carlos corners Ava, Franco escapes, and Johnny goes after Julian and Sonny. Carlos traps Ava on a foot bridge that looks suspiciously like the one where Jason and Robin always used to meet. Ava begs for her life, but Carlos is hell-bent on revenge for Ava threatening Sabrina’s life unless Carlos pled guilty to AJ’s murder. Carlos shoots Ava in the shoulder. She goes over the rails, much to Carlos’ shock. Meanwhile Johnny is about to take Sonny out when Julian nabs him. Johnny limps away and escapes with Carlos. Sonny and Julian head to the bridge to look for Ava. Sonny tries to rescue Ava, who is hanging onto a railing, but she is too weak to pull herself up and falls into the water. Julian stays to search for Ava while Sonny heads to the Haunted Star.

At Shadybrook Nina attempts to stay calm when Heather reveals she is Franco’s mother—and that she intends to hurt Nina to get revenge on Franco! She pulls out a syringe with LSD and prepares to stab it into Nina!  Nina runs to the door, but Heather stops her. Luckily Franco bursts in. He must have run at warp speed to make it into Shadybrook—and how did he slip past all the guards? He tackles Heather and tells her to go away. Heather taunts him, saying she will come after Nina again since Nina is trapped there and Franco will be sent back to Pentonville. Nina turns to Franco; how are they going to stay together? Franco then does the ultimately twisted romantic gesture: he stabs himself with the LSD needle, thereby insuring he will go cuckoo. Nina gasps. Why did he do that? Franco says it was the only way and makes her promise to remember that he will always be there for her. Nina kisses him right before the drugs take effect and Franco has to be dragged away by orderlies.

Elizabeth is working at GH when she hears on the news that Jake has been arrested. Before she can react, Nathan and Dante are brought in. Nathan is still standing, but Dante is in pretty bad shape. Nathan heads to the Haunted Star to arrest Fluke while docs and Elizabeth tend to Dante. Dante wakes up: there’s a bomb on the boat!

Back at the Haunted Star Maxie and Lulu are mighty disturbed over Luke’s behavior. They are further alarmed when Nathan arrives, dirty and bruised. He announces he is there to arrest Luke for what he did to Dante. Meanwhile Tracy becomes suspicious when Bobbie mentions Luke’s increasingly strange behavior. Tracy follows Luke to the docks where she catches him canoodling with Helena! Upset Tracy accuses him of being an imposter and tries to rip his mask off. Fluke snarls that he is the one and only Luke, when will people see that? Tracy is bound to find out what is going on and storms off.  Fluke waits for the bomb to go off, but is confronted by Sonny. Sonny realizes there is a bomb on the boat and runs off.

Sam manages to get through to Lucas and tells him that there is a bomb on the boat! Lucas tells Michael, who finds it behind the bar. Michael runs out with it but Sonny intercepts him. He grabs the bomb and dives into the water as Michael screams, “Dad!” Inside the Haunted Star everyone is stunned, yet relieved. Maxie goes to the deck to console Michael after Nathan heads out to try to find Sonny. Michael admits that as angry he was at Sonny, he didn’t want him to die like that.

Back at GH Dante begs Elizabeth to try to contact Lulu. However, Lulu enters and embraces Dante. Dante breaks the news to her that the real Luke may be dead. Lulu quips that at least now she knows her father didn’t try to blow everyone up at the Haunted Star.

Patrick leaves the Haunted Star and heads straight for the police station where he grabs Jake and begins to pummel him. Again, where are the cops? Sam didn’t think to alert them with news of the bomb and no one seems to mind that Patrick can enter and attack Jake.

Julian calls out to Ava at the bridge, but is arrested by nu-Sloane and his team. Julian is brought to the hospital where Fluke visits him. Fluke grabs a pillow and is ready to smother Julian when Alexis bursts in. Alexis demands to know what is going on. Fluke does not bother to hide his annoyance and runs out. Julian explains to Alexis that the real Luke was never rescued from Miscagive.

Tracy returns home where she finds Ned cleaning up the popcorn after his movie date with Alexis. She tells him that Luke is in cahoots with Helena and surmises that Luke has really changed. Nathan arrives with the news that Luke is not Luke, which stuns Tracy. Tracy tells him that she saw Luke with Helena, leading Nathan to realize that Fluke is at Wyndemere.

Meanwhile Kiki has just put her little sister down for the night and turns on the evening news. She is stunned to learn that Ava escaped from jail with Julian, Sonny, and Franco. Morgan arrives to see if Ava or Sonny is there. There is a knock at the door and it’s Sloane, who informs them that both Sonny and Ava may be dead.

On the pier Michael paces as divers search the water for Sonny’s body. Carly runs in, relieved that he is safe. As Michael tells her about Sonny, Sonny’s body is dragged out of the water. The EMTs declared him dead, but Carly refuses to give up on him. She administers CPR until Sonny coughs up water. Michael looks relieved, but still angry.

At Wyndemere Nikolas demands to know what happened to the Haunted Star. Helena enters to wave her guards away. She tells Nikolas that Lulu survived, thanks to Sonny. Nikolas grabs Helena by the throat. He is sick of her hurting everyone he loves: Emily, Elizabeth, and he is pretty sure Helena killed Catherine. Helena flinches as Nikolas says he cannot allow her to wreak havoc anymore, even if she claims he is the only one she loves. Unfortunately Fluke enters and threatens to shoot Nikolas. In fact Helena watches helplessly as Fluke orders Nikolas to kneel. As Fluke is about to shoot him in the head, Nathan and his team in blue burst in!

Sabrina arrives home eager to gossip about her evening on the Haunted Star with Felix, but finds Carlos and Johnny bleeding on her couch. She realizes Carlos was still working for the mob and lectures him. Carlos interrupts; is she going to save Johnny or what? Sabrina pauses her righteous anger long enough to pull the bullet out of Johnny and stich him up. As Johnny falls unconscious from the pain, Carlos tells Sabrina everything that happened since he was released from Pentonville, including shooting Ava.

The next morning Sloane visits Kiki and Silas to tell them that the search and recovery mission for Ava has been called off. He is afraid she is dead. Kiki swallows a sob as she grabs her father’s hand.

Meanwhile at General Hospital Morgan, Carly, and Shawn hover over Sonny, hoping he will wake up soon. Dante is discharged and heads to the Quartermaine mansion where he tries to convince Michael into visiting Sonny before he is transported back to Pentonville. Michael refuses until his conversation with Tracy, who sums up his feelings like this: “Must suck to owe your life to the man who killed AJ!”

Sonny finally opens his eyes and has a very tender talk with both Carly and Morgan. He gets emotional when Morgan tells him about Avery and hopes to meet her someday. However, before that can happen, Sonny is transported back to Pentonville! Michael arrives to talk to Sonny, but they are interrupted by Ivy. Remember her? She was Nikolas’ date and is super upset that she almost died on the Haunted Star. She introduces herself to Sonny, thanks him for saving her life, and then introduces him to her father, the governor of New York! The governor then pardons Sonny!

At Wyndemere Nikolas is licking his wounds after Ivy blasts him for abandoning her on the Haunted Star. Nikolas claims he didn’t know about the bomb until it was too late, but Ivy breaks up with him anyway. Lulu arrives to confront Nikolas about his partnership with Helena. Nikolas has no excuses for Lulu, who pretty much runs out disgusted with her oldest brother.

Helena paces anxiously in jail as Fluke sits miserably in the cell across from her. When Sloane stops by, Helena believes he will free them. After all, it’s thanks to her that Sloane is now the police commissioner. Sloane says he can’t do that right now and orders prints run on Fluke. Helena thinks that is a mistake, but Fluke doesn’t. He says his true identity has been so obvious, but no one bothered to truly look.

Nathan joins Dr. Obrecht in the morgue to get answers from the corpse in the Elm Street house. Dr. O says the corpse was over 20 years old and matches Luke’s DNA. Both Tracy and Lulu are horrified and surprised, especially when Nathan returns to say that the prints on Fluke are indeed Luke’s! Where and who is the real Luke Spencer?

What do you think, GH fans? Is Fluke really Luke? Does Luke have a twin? And is Ava really dead?




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