General Hospital Recap for January 26 – January 30, 2014

By on February 1, 2015
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This week on General Hospital….…A jail break, a ticking time bomb, an empty grave, and a fancy party on a haunted boat. Just a typical week in Port Charles.


There is a lot of action going on at Pentonville this week! Ava dons a hoodie and sneaks into the men’s side to talk to her brother Julian. A guard tried to stab her—and she thinks Sonny hired him! Julian shakes his head and explains that besides him, Sonny has no allies on the inside. He thinks it’s Faux Luke, aka Fluke, whom Sonny believes is Bill Eckart, Luke’s good for nothing evil cousin who supposedly died 20 years ago. Julian reveals that Fluke called Sonny’s illegal cell phone and threatened to kill Lucas and Michael, so he and Sonny have plans to escape—today! Ava brags that she will get out when Madeline does, but that’s probably not going to happen as a guard discovers Ava and drags her away.

Meanwhile Shawn is with Sonny in the visiting room. Shawn reveals that Bill’s grave was empty—and that Jordan helped him dig it up. Sonny is not happy to hear this, but Shawn insists that Jordan is loyal to them.

Franco uses Sonny’s cell to call Nina at Ferncliff. He is stunned when Nina puts her new friend “Diana” on the line—and it’s Heather! Heather warns Franco that she intends to exact revenge on him through Nina and hangs up. Franco frantically tries to call back, but gets no answer. Unfortunately, he is caught by a guard, who says this cell phone just earned him a return trip to solitary confinement. Franco does some fast talking and manages to get away.

At the Elm Street house Fluke throws a bag of food at Luke, but doesn’t bother to untie him, which begs the question: How is Luke supposed to eat? Fluke cackles as he reveals that he intends to blow up the Haunted Star during Michael’s party celebrating the opening of the AJ Quartermaine Clinic. Luke gasps; his entire family will be there! And if Fluke is Bill, then this is his family too! Fluke spits that he never said he was Bill and storms out.

Bobbie, Lucas, and Lulu gather at Kelly’s to remember Aunt Ruby. They eat heart-shaped pancakes as they reminisce. Later they meet up at the cemetery where they are met by Fluke and Dante. (Dante was already there to investigate the exhumation of Bill’s grave, which Shawn apparently didn’t bother to put back. Jordan arrived to tell Dante what is going on: That Luke is Fluke and Sonny ordered Shawn to dig up Bill’s grave.) The family honors Ruby after Dante gets super curious as to how Bill and Ruby are related to the Spencers. Apparently Bill was Ruby’s brother, making him really, really, really old. Later Dante puts two and two together: Perhaps Fluke is hiding Luke at the Elm Street house! So he heads over there where he sees Michael. Michael lets him in and before Dante can search the basement, they are stopped by Sloane! Apparently “neighbors” complained about noise, so the Police Commissioner came to shut down whatever was happening at the house. Sloane escorts Dante and Michael out, but later, Dante returns and grabs a crowbar to pry open the basement door.

TJ bumps into his mother at the docks where she tells him that she turned on the Jeromes to save Ric’s life. TJ thinks this means Jordan has gone legit, but Jordan tells him she had to join the Corinthos in order to save her life.TJ hates that Jordan is still in the mob business, but loves his mother anyway.

Fluke is about to leave the cemetery when he spies Bill’s freshly dug grave. He fumes as he realizes that Dante is onto him…Helena arrives and Fluke yells at her. Why hasn’t her soldier, aka Jake, killed Sam yet? And now Dante is at the Elm Street house rescuing Luke! Helena assures Fluke that he has taken care of Luke and calls Jake. Meanwhile Fluke arrives at the Elm Street house and sees Dante. What the hell is he doing here? Dante quickly confronts Fluke, saying he thinks the real Luke is downstairs. He draws his gun and handcuffs Fluke to the railing. Unfortunately, Fluke gets free and shoves Dante down the steps, where Dante hits his head and falls unconscious.

Carly brings Jake to Kevin’s office at General Hospital where they wait for Jake’s appointment. Carly shows Jake the cell phone she found in his duffel bag. Jake doesn’t remember it. He holds it as Carly goes to find Kevin. The phone rings and Jake answers it to Helena, who tells him that he is now “active.” Carly returns to the office to find it empty. Kevin enters and asks how he can help Jake. Carly asks him about the first session to which Kevin looks confused. He’s never met Jake! Upset Carly realizes that even though she trusts Jake, she has to report him.

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