Jane the Virgin Recap: Chapter Thirteen 2/9/2015

By on February 9, 2015


Young Jane is going through her own checklist before she gets shots at the doctor’s.  She holds onto the nurse for dear life and the nurse asks her to let go- “something Jane has and never be good at.”

In the present, two days before her graduation, Jane is about to go see a 3D image of the baby and find out its sex. At the hotel, Lachlan leaves Petra in bed, but not before she admits he’s the only one she trusts- not that she should. She gets a call from Milos. He wants to talk. Across town, Michael is questioning Rafael about his father potentially being Sin Rostro and is still convinced Rafael knew something. Rafael is furious, being that he’s the one who called them about the new leads. Rose comes to his rescue to try and throw them off the trail further. A worker comes to get Rafael. Scott lingers in the doorway like he wants to tell Michael something, then leaves.

Back at Xio’s house, she tries to convince Rafael to get out of the house and do something instead of moping about the house. Alba comes in to rush her. They have to go to physical therapy now. Xio isn’t sure why the rushing is imperative. Jane and Rafael arrive at the doctor’s, and after a nruse asks, Jane finds out that Rafael doesn’t want to know the sex of the baby when she does. Rafael caes. The ultrasound tech sees something that concerns her and Jane catches it. The tech refuses to say anything and Jane starts to panic. Rafael offers for her to get the doctor, and she rushes off. The doctor comes in echogectic focus- there’s no immediate concern for the baby, but there could be health concerns in the future. He offers to do a procedure to make sure everything would be okay, but there’s a possibility that she could miscarry the baby if the procedure happens. He leaves them to discuss it.

Jane unloads all of her worries and Rafael comforts her. Across town at physical therapy, Xiomara finds out that Alba is interested in a fellow patient. At the station, Scott has arrived to talk to Michael. He’s giving Emilio a new alibi that clashes with his old statement. He insists he’s telling the truth this time, that Emilio was with his girlfriend on a boat and not with Rose. He’s also not a murderer in Scott’s book. Michael and Nadine look oer their new leads. Back at the house, Xiomara teases Alba about the man. Rogelio cuts in and insists any man who would have Alba is lucky. Xiomara finds out that he’s been avoiding calls about acting auditions because he’s being picky. Xiomara insists he should go to the big audition where he has to use an American accent that he doesn’t want to use. Rogelio will think about it. At the hotel, Rafael goes to his office to find Lachlan and his lawyer- they have business discussions to deal with. Lachlan points out Emilio was considering part of the hotel. Rafael refuses, then starts thinking about the baby on top of that, so he tells them the discussion can wait. They agree. At the house, Jane talks with her family about her situation. Alba doesn’t want her to go through with it, Xiomara isn’t quite sure. Jane says she doesn’t want to do the procedure.  Back at the hotel, Milos meets up with Petra to talk about her mother. He tries to get Petra to turn on her mother completely. Petra isn’t so sure about doing so. He claims he’s trying to make amends with her. Petra tells him to get lost.  That night, Jane calls Rafael to tell him the news that she’s not going through with it. She stays up all night and doubts her decision. The next morning, Jane goes to Rafael and insists they should do the test. Rafael says it’s the right decision.

The next morning, Xio brings Rogelio to her dance class to talk with the kids about following their dreams. It backfires since he starts off good, then yells in bitterness about being fired and having his dreams crushed. Xio sends the kids out and she finds out that he didn’t do well at the audition. Jane arrives to tell them the news that she’s going through with the procedure. She admits she’s going to miss the graduation ceremony and she has no choice thanks to timing. They’re upset, but they’re more concerned about her well-being. The next morning, they go through with the procedure.   Across town at the hotel, Michael breaks the news about Emilio’s affair to Rose. He tries to get a new statement out of her with the news. He leaves, and Rose tries to calm down- including taking off her red wig.

At the house, Rafael tends to Jane and gets her settled into bed. She comments the doctor said everything went well. He settles down on the floor next to her and distracts her when she asks him to. In the other room, Xiomara and Alba admit possibly misjudging Rafael. Xiomara asks her why Alba didn’t date anyone since her father died. Alba just says it’s a choice she made because her father deserves it. He gave up a lot for them. Back with Jane and Rafael, she blurts that the procedure was a mistake out of fear something’s going to go wrong in the next couple of days. She thinks it’s selfish. Rafael reminds her that she gave up her graduation ceremony for the baby. He insists things will work out and he’ll be there for her either way. She jerks, then points out the baby just kicked- it hadn’t been for a while, and that was the worst worry. Across town, Michael and Nadine have tracked down Whitney, Emilio’s mistress. She comments Emilio called Rose and says he’d be on the boat for hours. They realize that clashed with Rose’s story, and suddenly she looks like the biggest suspect to be Sin Rostro. Michael realizes it was all a set up on her part. Turns out Rose also left the station and is now in the wind. Michael’s furious.

The next morning, Jane wakes to find her room has been decorated for graduation. Rogelio fancies himself as the keynote speaker and starts up a speech til he gets a call from his agent and steps out. Xiomara takes over the speech, then Alba follows. At the police station, Michael, Nadine and other cops are tracking Rose. At the hotel, Petra prepares to leave with Lachlan when he tells her she;s not coming with him. She’s backstabbed him too many times.

At the house, Jane’s officially off bed rest. She insists her new parenting policy is letting go a little. He points out that in all the confusion they missed the sex of the baby. She jokes that she trapped him.  At the hotel, Milos meets up with Petra and insists Lachlan can’t be trusted and he dug into Lachlan’s past: he works at another hotel- Milos’ family’s hotel. He bought the hotel itself for her to screw Lachlan over. At the house, Rogelio checks in with Xiomara- he landed a job: its for a lead of a new telenovela. There’s one issue- the show shoots in Mexico and if he takes the job he’ll be gone for a year and a half. He points out he said he’d think about it since there’s a lot to consider. At the police station, Nadine pulls Michael over to new video footage of the hotel moments before Roman was kills. Rose is there, as is another suspect, so neither could have killed him. Nadine asks who could’ve killed Roman. Cut to- Rafael meeting up with Roman moments before his death. It’s a big mystery, once again.

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