The Mentalist Recap 2/18/15- Series Finale

By on February 18, 2015
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“The Mentalist” is coming to an end tonight after seven seasons and it is bittersweet for everyone. It is still a very well-respected show but maybe they just knew when to say good-bye. You can keep up with the previous episode of “The Mentalist” right here. 

'the mentalist recap 12/28/14'

Seven seasons and it is officially time to bid adieu to Jane and Lisbon along with the rest of the crew. This season has seen the official coupling of Jane and Lisbon which has made all of their tasks a bit more daunting. They worry about one another every step of the way, yet they know each other so well that their relationship works on so many levels. We saw the return of Erica Flynn, which was a little intimidating for Lisbon but she really knows how to take someone down.

We also saw Lisbon make a home for herself in jail in order to stop a ring of car theft that actually ran much deeper. She almost got herself killed but she was able to leave a marking for Jane to see and pick up on. Of course, he saved the day and all was right with the world. The duo has headed overseas and had orange blossom ice cream on a rooftop. Most recently, the couple celebrated Jane’s birthday with a candle and some champagne. I think everyone is really wondering how they will leave the couple that took all this time to get together.

There are two parts to the series finale tonight. The first part, called “Brown Shag Carpet” requires that Jane go back to his roots to pretend to be a psychic. Why? They are hoping to lure out a serial killer. In the finale entitled “White Orchids,” Lisbon agrees to marry Jane (yay) but their happiness could be cut short thanks to a serial killer’s passion for vengeance.

Jane shows Lisbon a small house he bought. Lisbon still isn’t sure that Jane is here to stay – especially since he still wears his wedding ring.

The case continues with the serial killer stiking again. This time we see a couple in their home. The wife asks the husband to see why there is a man sitting in a car in the back of their house. The husband sees the man has been drinking. When he returns to the house, his wife is missing. The serial killer has struck again and he is getting bolder, leaving the bodies out in the open.

They can’t find any patterns in the killings. There isn’t any consistency  in the people that are killed. The police realize that the killer is killing the people for their blood.

A new police man on the case thinks Jane should pretend to be a psychic, not realizing Jane’s wife and kid were killed the last time he pretended to be a psychic.

Jane and Lisbon go to a crime scene where someone was shot in a case of mistaken identity, they thought the person who was lurking outside their home was the serial killer and it wasn’t.

Jane agrees to pretend to be a psychic to catch the serial killer, despite Lisbon trying to convince  him otherwise.

Keep reading to see what happens with Jane.

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