Nashville Recap 2/11/15 Season 3 Episode 12: “I’ve Got Reasons To Hate You”

By on February 12, 2015
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On this episode of Nashville, the show picks back up with the drama that has accumulated over the last several episodes. After breaking up with Luke the morning of their wedding, Rayna finally decides to return to the stage in order to stop all of the rumors that have happened recently. She decides that the best way to do this is for her to go back to her roots and perform at the Bluebird Cafe that helped launch her career.

Meanwhile, Gunnar is doing everything humanly possible to patch things up with Micah, who he thought was his son but is actually his nephew since it’s his dead brothers child. Basically, Micah is continually rebelling at school and also refuses to have anything to do with Gunnar which breaks his heart since he truly cares about Micah. He pays the boy a visit in an attempt to hopefully straighten him up some.

Juliette is getting sick of being stuck at home. Glenn also tells her that there’s really nothing the press has lined up for her. The only thing she’s gotten is an endorsement for diapers, which immediately disgusts Juliette. The singer crawls back to the studio since she longs for getting back to her music and stop with the mother stuff.

Scarlett gets back in contact with her mother, who made Scarlett’s life a living hell which was a major reason why she fled her house at such a young age. Scarlett convinces her mom to come down to the house right away, without Deacon knowing she was coming at all. Scarlett wanted her to come in order to see if she’s a match for Deacon.

Jeff Fordham apparently desperately needs a young female artist on his label. And he’s got his sights set on Rayna’s daughter Maddie. I’m pretty sure I definitely predicted this several episodes back, about the time Jeff started hanging out with Teddy since he saw the sisters perform and realized the potential they had. Mostly though, he has faith in Maddie alone and wants her to ditch the kid sister since she has a voice of her own. Teddy immediately shoots him down since he knows that Rayna will never let that happen.

Rayna is becoming a nervous wreck as she prepares to perform on the stage where everything started for her. The main reason for this nervousness is due to Deacon’s absence. He’s accompanied her on that stage every previous performance and she has a hard time facing that. Sadie shows sweet friendship towards Rayna as she not only comforts her, but she covers for her as Rayna decides she better head home.

Gunnar becomes extremely defensive of the fact that Kylie’s parents keep telling Micah negative things about his biological father. He doesn’t like that Jason is being remembered for all the bad stuff he did and not anything good. Due to this, Micah believes that his dad was a bad person. Gunnar then sets out on a mission to show Micah the good qualities his father had and takes him down memory lane and shows him all the fun things he and his brother did.

I figured out this whole thing with Deacon’s sister showing up would be too easy. Bev says that she isn’t a match when she receives the phone call from the doctor about her test results. Scarlett finds out the truth – she really is a match and simply didn’t want to give her brother her liver. This shows just how selfish Beverly is even though we’ve previously seen this side of her with how awful she treats Scarlett. Basically, the reason why she doesn’t want to give her liver doesn’t make sense to me. I know for me anyway, any chance I’d have to save my brother is one I’d do without thinking twice.

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