The Night Shift Recap 2/23/15- Season 2 Premiere- Recovery

By on February 23, 2015
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“The Night Shift” is back for season two and it is about time. Fans have been anticipating this and we are all very excited for its grand return. You can keep up with “The Night Shift” right here. 

night shift

Eight episodes in season one and everyone was hooked. The show revolves around a medical crew at San Antonio Medical Center. One of the more prominent faces that you will see is Scott Wolf who is best known for his role on “Party Of Five” as Bailey. On TNS, he plays Dr. Scott Clemmens. We also have “Six Feet Under” star Freddy Rodriguez in the role of Michael Ragosa, Jill Flint as Dr. Jordan Alexander, Brendan Fehr as Dr. Drew Alister and several more to round out the cast.

Season two will have fourteen episodes as opposed to eight which will be great for fans. It will come on this evening right after the season eight premiere of “The Voice” which means that it is in an epic time slot. The hope is to bring ratings up for the show but if you watch it once, you will for sure be addicted. It will air every Monday at 10p.m. as of now but if anything changes, we will let you know.

On the season two premiere of the NC show, Topher takes over as chief of the night shift and of course, that will cause some drama. On top of that, TC is temporarily suspended and Jordan is scrutinized for her mishandling of the man who shot a recovered Topher. Along with that, a father is trapped under an elevator and Ragosa returns to the ER.

Keep reading to see how Ragosa handles being back.

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