The Odd Couple Recap: The Ghostwriter 2/26/15

By on February 26, 2015


After hearing some questionable noises Dani    investigates to find Felix practicing photography. He gives her a brief lesson in shot composition. Oscar arrives home with Teddy and Roy, who encourage him to start writing again- this time for his job as a ghostwriter for an old baseball player’s autobiography. Roy complains about marriage troubles and Oscar complains, and Felix goes to try and comfort him. Oscar tells him not to, which leads to a fight about people wanting to know personal details about their lives.


Later, Oscar’s friend- and subject matter of the ‘auto’biography, Murphy (Geoff Stults) arrives to help him with his writing. Murphy asks about Felix’s photography and he goes on about it, much to Oscar’s chagrin. Thankfully for Felix’s sake, Murphy is more interested and lets him go on- including agreeing to model. Oscar steps out to a bar, where he catches up with an ex, Emily, who’s now the bartender. Back at the apartment, Felix photographs Murphy and the latter ends up unloading on his standardly tragic family issues like a dad who didn’t pay attention to him and a mother who didn’t care. Back at the bar, Oscar is exceedingly mean to his ex, who rambles on nervously. At the apartment, Murphy’s unloading ends up turning into a full on therapy session. Oscar arrives home, sees it, and drags Felix into the kitchen to see what’s going on. Murphy comes in to point out he wants the book to be more about his past and love of poetry than his baseball career. Oscar disagrees. Felix wants to find a compromise for them. Murphy suggests that Felix should join them as a co-writer. Oscar is apprehensive to say the least. How these two are still friends boggles the mind. He keeps trying to talk Felix out of helping, but he wants to stick with it.


Later, Felix, Murphy and Oscar settle down to start writing. Shortly after, the results are less than stellar. Murphy and Felix love it, Oscar- less so. Murphy’s tired so he wants to leave, and offers he’ll bring Felix some of his poetry later. He heads out, and Oscar unloads on Felix about the multi-depth Murphy or Strictly Baseball Murphy. Felix tries to make him see it his way and fails miserably. Oscar storms out to go find Teddy. Oscar admits the procrastination is a defense mechanism- more time in the writing stage means less time hearing how bad he sucks. Felix arrives to apologize to Oscar, though the logic as to why isn’t very clear. Teddy goes to call the publisher to give Oscar more time. Oscar continues to tear into him and Felix gets upset. Emily comes over and has a suggestion: shut up- the smartest thing said in the episode so far. She then proceeds to point out that everyone views their own problems as important, and she has her own- so lesson almost negated- they comfort her, then when she leaves they complain about her. Teddy arrives to tell them he’s bought them a couple of more days.

The next day, Emily, Murphy, Oscar and Felix regroup at the apartment to work on their perspective jobs. They may suck, but they can deal. Lesson learned.

Overall, the show’s second episode is better than the first, but it seems like everyone involved is still trying to handle a pretty weak product. One can only hope it gets better from here.


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