The Odd Couple Recap: Pilot 2/19/15

By on February 19, 2015


CBS’ latest comedy, The Odd Couple, reboots the old series/movie of the same name from the late 60s and early 70s and puts a modern spin on things. Matthew Perry  and Thomas Lennon star as the old favorites, Oscar Madison and Felix Unger, respectively.


In New York City, Oscar works on his radio show and signs off from his apartment. His assistant isn’t as thrilled about having to run damage control. A neighbor, Kacey stops by, then his old friend Felix stops by. He admits his wife Astrid kicked him out- she wants a divorce. Oscar has Kacey leave to try and console him. Turns out Oscar’s latest relationship ended as well. They had out for a drink to talk about things.


At the restaurant, Felix is beside himself. Oscar hates it and assures him divorce isn’t the end of the world. Felix isn’t so sure. They leave, and Oscar tries for a new approach: they’re single in New York City, things are going to be great. Felix goes to get a hotel, and Oscar insists he should stay with him. The next night, Oscar arrives home to a clean house. Felix comes in and fires off all of the thing he’s done around the house chore-wise.


A few nights later Teddy, Oscar’s agent stops by, as well as his friend Roy. They ask when the delivery guy’s coming, but it turns out Felix is cooking. He makes a stink about the men smoking in the apartment. Oscar admits he’s already starting to think he’s made a terrible mistake letting Felix live with him. Teddy and Roy get fed up and leave. Oscar goes to confront Felix about it. Felix tries to give it back to him, but ends up complimenting Oscar at first, then lists off all the little things wrong with Oscar. Oscar retaliates with a cheap shot about Felix’s marriage. Felix gets a call from his wife about finalizing the divorce. Kacey arrives to cancel plans since her sister, Em’s in town. Oscar suggests having them double date and she goes with it. The next night the girls arrive for the date. Oscar takes Kacey into the kitchen to help with drinks while Em and Felix awkwardly hit it off. Inside the kitchen, Kacey admits she’s just looking for a friends with benefits situation. They go back into the living room to find Felix and Em hitting it off over pictures. Felix finds photos of Oscar and his ex-wife on the night he proposed. Oscar is mortified. When Kacey comes back, Felix blurts that Oscar’s upset about his ex-wife and Kacey drags Em off into the kitchen to talk to her about immediately wanting to end things with Oscar since she thinks it’s weird he’s still hung up on his ex-wife and doesn’t want to deal with the awkwardness. They go back in the living room to find Felix on the floor. Oscar has supposedly accidentally decked him. The girls take Felix home to get him out of that environment. The next morning, Felix comes by to get his things. Oscar comes clean about overreacting the night before and asks him to stay. Felix admits since there have been two people saying that he’s impossible to live with, so he needs help from someone to loosen up with and asks Oscar agrees.


And so concludes the pilot.The show’s rough around the edges and the acting’s sub-par at best and there’s next to no chemistry between any of the actors, but it may be too early to judge. Time will tell.




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