The Real World: Skeletons Recap 2/17/15- Season 30, Ep.10- Brother in Arms

By on February 17, 2015
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“The Real World: Skeletons” really knows how to mess with the cast by bringing back people they have issues with to live with them for a week. The seven roomies are always on edge because every time the doorbell rings, they know that they are in for something insane! You can keep up with “The Real World: Skeletons” right here.

Bruno's Turn!

Bruno’s Turn!

Last week, Nicole was the one who got surprised but in a good way. It turns out that she is a triplet and sisters Ashley and Sam came to town. Why were they important in terms of skeletons? They are both engaged and will be moving out of the house that the three girls share back home. This is hard for Nicole because she has commitment issues and we see how bad they are through Sam and Ashley’s eyes. She cheats on girlfriends and basically leaves before she can be the one left behind. It was an eye-opener for her that maybe it is time to put the player lifestyle behind her.

Over with Madison and Tony, she finally gets the courage to tell him that she is done playing games. He is hurting her heart every time he crawls into bed with her then goes to flirt with a girl at the bar right in front of her. When he hears how badly he has hurt Madison and sees that she is serious about not being with him, it turns his head. He begins to think and realizes that he has just as strong feelings for Madison as she has for him. They end up deciding that they will make their relationship official!

Bruno is out of his mind and flips out when the boys eat a hamburger that he made and put in the fridge. We learn that the reason he does not speak to his brother and has not in three years was because of food. Yes, food and I think it was tuna. He’s going to have to get ready to share because his brother is the newest house guest.

Keep reading to see if the bros can resolve their issues.

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