The Real World: Skeletons Recap 2/24/15- Season 30, Ep. 11- Breaking Mad

By on February 24, 2015
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‘The Real World: Skeletons” is taking an iconic MTV show and adding twists from all the latest reality shows to follow in its path. Every week, a skeleton from one of the cast member’s past is brought to live in the house for a week and anything can and will happen. You can keep up with last weeks episode of “The Real World: Skeletons” right here. 

Jason's A Daddy!

Jason’s A Daddy!

It started with Sylvia who is already a hot-head and her boss from back home. They had a long-running feud and it was exposed on the show. They fought but then they just agreed to be civil in the house and when Sylvia got home. Then it was time for Tony’s two exes two come stay with them and that was an even bigger mess because he had just slept with roomie Madison. He was playing all three girls for an entire week and I do not know who was more excited for that week to end: the girls or Tony. Well, maybe Tony liked the attention from the women and that is totally okay.

After Tony, we had Violetta who had two enemies to contend with. Apparently, she had said a lot of negative things about them on social media after she had been bullied. The girls seemed to want to work things out with Violetta and they both wanted to hook-up with the boys in the house. After a dinner, the girls decided to try to move on and see what could happen. Next up, we had Nicole whose a triplet so her sisters came to visit. They were there to expose her commitment issues and make her reevaluate how she was living her life. Last week, Bruno’s brother Briah came to town. They had not spoken for years due to a can of tuna.

Bruno got so evil and vicious towards everyone in the house that they had to put him in a private room. Along with Briah came Tony’s brother Shane, who happened to be gay. He and Briah hit it off really well and there could be a new romance blossoming but we probably won’t know until the reunion. Tonight, Jason embraces fatherhood while Madison is forced to confront her past. Sad because she is just starting a new future with Tony.

Keep reading to meet Jason’s baby!

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