Sister Wives Recap 2/15/15- First a Verdict, Then a Lawyer/ Meri-Behind the Scenes

By on February 15, 2015
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“Sister Wives” has a whole new dynamic when you watch this season, mainly because we know that the order of wives has changed. You can keep up with “Sister Wives” right here.

sisterwivesAs you may or may not know, the order of Brown wives is this: #1- Meri, #2- Janelle, #3- Christine and #4- Robyn. Kody and Meri are the only legal marriage while the other three are spiritual. Now, we have learned that the family has wished to change the structure of the family which involved divorcing Meri and marrying Robyn. It is being said that the reason for the switch is to protect Robyn’s three children that she brought in from a previous marriage. Yet, it all seems so fishy to me as Meri is now alone in her big house as she prepares to go back to college. In summation, I have no idea the order of the wives now because if Robyn replaced Meri, then Meri would be second, Janelle third and Christine fourth. But Christine said that she only ever wanted to be a third wife.

In any case, much more has been going on with the actual show as anthropology students from the University of Las Vegas, Nevada stayed with the Browns to study polygamy. It became a little bit uncomfortable and that will reflect on episode one for the night.┬áThe Browns are stressed out from worrying about the anthropology students’ impressions of the family. That is funny because they have put themselves on TV for all the world to see. Meanwhile, Meri makes a potentially life-changing decision and in this family, that could mean anything. Speaking of Meri, she is the focus of the second episode where we look back at her life on the show over the past five years.

Keep reading to see what Meri decides.

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