The Bachelor Britt Nilson Talks About Being the Next Bachelorette, Chris Soules and More

By on February 18, 2015
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Following the shocking elimination of Britt Nilson and Jade Roper from The Bachelor with Chris Soules, we have heard from Jade Roper and now it is Britt Nilson’s turn. Britt’s elimination was shocking to the viewers as she and The Bachelor, Chris Soules appeared to have an amazing connection. Unfortunately, Soules did not believe that Nilson was authentic and after hearing the other women question how real she was, Soules decided to eliminate her following an awkward group date where Britt put it all out there, questioning his decision to not give her the group date rose.

Leave it to Jimmy Kimmel, who happens to be a huge Bachelor fan, even appearing on the show this season, to get to the bottom of what happened between Chris Soules and Britt Nilson by speaking with Britt about her elimination from The Bachelor where she revealed how she feels about the other girls on the show, The Bachelor Chris Soules hometown and how she feels about being the next Bachelorette.

Chris asked Nilson if she lied when she told Chris she liked his hometown? Britt did not lie and said, “I told him I was shocked by it, which I was. I was the only person who was honest with him.” Britt also revealed that while Chris is from Iowa, what we saw is not his town. Was she insinuating the producers on The Bachelor were not being authentic with their editing. That would be hard to believe (insert sarcasm here). Britt pointed out that none of the stores are open and Chris actually lives in a house.

When asked by Jimmy if there was anything she did or said that she regrets during her time on the show, Britt revealed she did have some regrets. The beauty said, “The last night, I started processing emotions out loud, that should have been kept inside. I wish I had kept those in. It was kind of just word vomit happening.” As for what she would say to Chris at The Women Tell All show, Britt plans on putting herself out there again and setting herself up to be humiliated again by asking Soules if he changed his mind now that he can see that Carly had such hostility towards her?

As for the question that has come up numerous times as to whether Britt showers or not, it turns out that Britt Nilson does shower.

When asked if Britt would like to be the next Bachelorette? Let’s just say, she looked beyond thrilled at the prospect and the fact that the beauty is waitressing, she is definitely available. Something tells us Britt Nilson will land on her feet, following her appearance on The Bachelor. As Jimmy told Britt, “don’t worry, by the end of the month you will be living in Minneapolis with Prince.”

What do you think about Britt being the next Bachelorette? While it would be unusual to have someone who was eliminated before making it to the final four become The Bachelorette, the other choices are Carly, Jade Roper and the person who will be eliminated during the next episode. See the spoiler of who is eliminated from The Bachelor next and who makes it to the final two here.

We don’t believe Carly is a fan favorite and Jade Roper is only well liked because of her Playboy photos. Britt would make a great choice because she is a fan favorite. The past Bachelorette’s have had careers, with Andy Dorfman being a lawyer, Ali Fedodowski worked at Facebook and Ashley was a dentist, so it will be interesting to watch.

Weigh in and let us know if you would tune in if Britt becomes the next Bachelorette?

Check out the interview with Britt Nilson and Jimmy Kimmel on the next page.

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