Did Uma Thurman Have Plastic Surgery – Before and After Photos?

By on February 11, 2015

Uma Thurman is that you? Come out come out wherever you are? Thurman walked the red carpet for looking virtually unrecognizable. Thurman was in New York City on Monday, Feb. 9 for the premiere party for her new miniseries The Slap, creating a stir about her new (and improved?) look.

'uma thurman plastic surgery'

Thurman looked a bit different from her appearance in the past, stepping out with a suspiciously smooth forehead and puffy face along with an extremely tight smile. While Uma’s transformation is not nearly as shocking as actress Renee Zellweger, whose drastic change in appearance sent the internet into overdrive, there is definitely something different about Thurman.

“The Slap” is an eight-episode miniseries based on the book by Christos Tsiolkas and Australian television series (“The Slap”) produced by Matchbox Pictures.

Meet Hector (Peter Sarsgaard, “An Education,” “Blue Jasmine”), a public servant, husband, father and valued friend on the cusp of his 40th birthday. Meet Aisha (Thandie Newton, “Crash,” “Beloved”), Hector’s beautiful and intelligent wife who is planning his party filled with friends and his very boisterous Greek family. Sounds like the makings of a great day, right? Wrong.

The Slap is sure to stir up some crazy controversy. The mini-series synopsis states the following:

As Hector tries to navigate family politics, awkward friendships and the young woman he is dangerously captivated by, the built-up tension explodes when Hector’s hotheaded cousin slaps another couple’s misbehaving child. Everyone is understandably stunned, and the party abruptly ends with the child’s parents vowing legal action. What the hosts and guests don’t know, however, is that this moment will ignite a chain of events that will uncover long-buried secrets within this group of friends and family … and vigorously challenge the core values of everyone involved.

Some are claiming it is due to a lack of makeup around her eyes, which is very possible, as she is not wearing any mascara. Since we are not an expert in plastic surgery, botox or cosmetics, we thought we would ask our readers what they thought? Is there something different about the 44 year old actress and if so – what is it??

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