Zayn Malik Leaves Concert Early Due to Drug Use?

By on February 20, 2015

Once again, Zayn Malik is ill. This time, Malik’s illness happened during a concert where he was performing with his bandmates, One Direction, while in Australia.


The shocking exit for Malik came near the end of the concert, when he became too sick to perform. His bandmate, Niall Horan announced Malik wouldn’t be on stage for the final songs.

While the reason for Malik’s exit has not been revealed, One Direction fans are already sending well wishes, with the hashtag #GetWellSoonZayn becoming a trending topic on Twitter worldwide. Fans are hoping Malik will recover in time to perform in Japan on Tuesday, the next stop for the “On The Road Again” tour.

Fans are questioning what is going on with Zayn Malik tweeting,

“This is like Orlando again. I can’t. I just wanna see my baby marshmallow happy and onstage again.”

This isn’t the first time, Malik has been missing from a One Direction concert. Zayne was missing from an appearance with One Direction during a Today Show concert in Orlando last November. Malik was too ill to travel at the time. Matt Lauer caused a commotion when he asked the band if the rumors of Malik’s substance abuse were the cause for his absence. At the time, his bandmate, Liam Payne said Malik was had a stomach bug. Zayne Malik was not happy with Matt Lauer’s line of questioning and spoke about how upset he was.

At the time, there were rumors of Zayn Malik being in rehab.

You have to wonder what is going on with Zayn Malik? Is he working too hard, causing him to get sick or does he have an alcohol or drug problem and may really need to go to rehab?

He has three days before the news outlets really start talking about what is going on with him and whether drugs are to blame. What are your thoughts?

Is Zayn in trouble or just working too hard?

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