A FINALLY Revealed On Pretty Little Liars! Who Is It?

By on March 24, 2015

“Pretty Little Liars” said just a few seasons ago that we would learn who A was, once and for all. It appeared to be Ezra which shocked, well, no one then we discovered it was not Aria’s teacher-love. Then, it was clearly Mona but at the end of last season, she was seemingly killed of by A.



Ali? Nope as she is in jail right now along with the rest of the crew. Shauna? Yes but then she was killed by Aria and the A texts never stopped, nor did the threats or the troubles for Hanna, Spencer, Aria and Emily.¬†On tonight’s spring finale, everyone at the show promises that we will finally learn who A is, once and for all. I kind of don’t believe anyone who says that because guessing who A is has been a lot of fun. However, fans of the show are claiming via social media that they are tired of this guessing game. Here are the few suspects that could be A:

  • Caleb: He knows every hack and spent time away in Ravenswood where crazy things happened to him. Maybe that show never really happened and he was away plotting A’s next move. Doubtful.
  • Detective Holbrook: That would make sense since he has been in cahoots with Ali and Cece but for some reason, he is too obvious. Possible.
  • Mrs. DiLaurentis: DEAD!
  • Jason: Along with Holbrook, he is just too obvious a suspect. Possible.
  • Andrew: Aria’s tutor seems to be the number one suspect according to several tweets I read BUT I do not think that they would just take him and make him the bad guy because….
  • TOBY: Keegan Allen, who plays Toby has said that if you really paid attention all of these seasons, you will already know. I think it is him. I do not want to believe that but he has become super close to Tanner, he is on the police force and he sometimes seems so sweet that we have no other choice but to say TOBY!


But, we could also say Mike is a viable candidate as he was in love with Mona or Lucas because he always seems to be a part of everything that goes wrong. I am going to rule out any of the girls, including Spencer’s sister Melissa and her roomie Wren. I am saying TOBY. What do you think? Who do you think is A? Let us know!

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