American Idol Recap 3/5/15- Season 14- Top 8 Girls Perform

By on March 5, 2015
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“American Idol” is cutting the fat, so to speak. Last night, they sent four guys home bringing it from twelve to eight. Tonight, the same thing will happen with the ladies.  You can see who made it to the top eight in the guys on last night’s episode of “American Idol” right here. 

ai jaxStill in Detroit for the second week, it is now the girls turn to go live for the second time this season. Only eight will perform and we will learn who the eight will be during the episode. The four remaining at the very end will go home and we will have out top sixteen for season fourteen. The theme is Motown and Aretha Franklin, a Detroit native, performed “I Will Survive” to open last night’s show. After this week, they will be back in California.

Judges Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr. and Keith Urban are attempting to give the singers the best possible advice that they can. They emphasize personality and song choice as being key when performing. Here are the twelve girls that we have left:

  1. Lovey James
  2. Adanna Duru
  3. – final 8

  4. Alexis Gomez
  5. – final 8

  6. Joey Cook
  7. – final 8

  8. Katherine Winston
  9. Shannon Berthiaume
  10. Loren Lott
  11. – final 8

  12. Shi Scott
  13. Maddie Walker
  14. -final 8

  15. Sarina Joi Crowe
  16. – final 8

  17. Jax
  18. – final 8

  19. Tyanna Jones
  20. – final 8

My opinion was that Jax ruled with her rendition of Cher’s “Bang Bang.” She is a natural born performer and I believe that she can make it all the way to the end. Again, they will be performing Motown classics to get votes from America. You can vote five different ways, up to twenty times each equaling one hundred votes for your favorite. Voting is now closed, obviously, but we will have to wait until the show to see who made it and who is being sent home.

Keep reading to find out who your top eight girls are.

Tyanna Jones
Song: Rockin’ Robin by Michael Jackson
Judges Comments: Jennifer Lopez loved it and told her she reminded her of the legendary performers. Harry Connick, Jr. said it was subtle and strong. His only question, ‘what can’t you sing.’

Loren Lott
Song: I Wanna Be Where You Are by Michael Jackson
Judges Comments: J.Lo said she enjoyed the performance and she has strong vocals. She thinks she is going to do really well. Harry Connick, Jr. said a high bar has been set, but based on what he has saw, Loren has nudged that bar a little higher. Keith Urban loved it!

Maddie Walker
Song: I’ll Be There by Jackson 5
Judges Comments: Harry said she deserved to be in the competition. He told her that sometimes she is sharp and she needs to think about her dynamic range. Keith said the song choice was good and she needs to calm her nerves. J.Lo said it was a difficult song to sing but she did a great job.

Joey Cook
Song: Shop Around by The Miracles
Judges Comments: Keith Urban said Joey makes the music her own. Jennifer said she is so unique and it’s nice to see her show so much emotion and she has special qualities. Harry said she is very unique, yet she is so stylized and hopes people don’t get tired of it.

Keep reading to see how the rest of the performers did tonight on American Idol.

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