The Bachelor With Chris Soules Season Finale Spoiler – Who Did Chris Choose?

By on March 8, 2015
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With the season finale of The Bachelor here, Chris Soules has made his final choice. Two women are left, Whitney Bischoff and Becca Tilley, but only one woman can receive the final rose.  After many tears, drama and surprises this season on The Bachelor – the moment we have all waited for is finally here.

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Chris Soules is faced with the choice of two amazing women. Becca Tilley, who has never been in love, and Whitney Bischoff, a determined career woman who says she will give up everything for Chris. The Bachelor brings both women to meet his family in hopes their insight will help him make the biggest decision of his life. The commercials for The Bachelor leave us wondering if Becca Tilley will make it to the end, as we see Chris’ mother asking her if she loves her son and we also see Becca telling Soules she isn’t ready for children and marriage just yet. Is this good editing to make us tune in and see if Becca makes it to the end or is this really what happened on the final episode of The Bachelor?

What we will see during the final episode is Whitney winning over Chris’ family with an emotional toast. Unfortunately, after she leaves, Chris confesses to his Dad his struggle of the heart. He explains how torn he is by strong feelings for both women and his heart is pulling him in two different directions. Could Chris be in love with Becca but know since she never committed to a man before, the likelihood of them working out is slim.

When Becca is introduced to Chris’ family, they are skeptical about whether she is ready to take the final step and get engaged and move to Arlington. Still, they can see that Chris is smitten. More overwhelmed than ever, Chris needs the next few days to have some tough conversations with both women to try and decide if either is ready to become his wife.

Chris hopes his final dates with each woman will bring some clarity to his decision. The Bachelor spends his time with Becca trying to decipher the status of their relationship. He wants reassurance that she wants to be part of his life in Iowa. Will Becca be able to convince him that her feelings are real?

Chris offers Whitney a taste of farm life, including giving her a tour of his house. She reminds him of how much in love with him she really is. But will her eagerness to please raise more questions rather than strengthen Chris’ resolve to pick her as his future wife?

Will the Bachelor follow his heart? And once he makes his decision, will his love be reciprocated? It all comes down to whether Chris can decide between the two very different women. And if he does, will the final bachelorette accept his proposal and final rose?

The two remaining women are:

Becca, 25, chiropractic assistant, San Diego, CA
Whitney, 29, fertility nurse, Chicago, IL

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