The Blacklist TV Recap 3/12/15 “The Major”

By on March 12, 2015
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Last week on The Blacklist…thinking he’s rescuing his sometime paramour, Madeline Pratt, Reddy is in fact betrayed by her and turned over to the King Family, two brothers and their father who run an exclusive, illegal auction of everything from Van Goghs to uranium to people. To get Redd back the FBI takes one of the attendees and replaces her with Liz. Unfortunately she is discovered before she can free Reddy and at his insistence flees with one of the other captives, a small boy. Reddy has been won by an old enemy who is preparing to kill him when Liz returns and shoots him. Red and Liz confront The King Family and Reddy kills the father. The FBI raids the place, freeing the hostages and capturing all the illegal goods. Elsewhere, Tom has gone undercover in Germany.

You can read the full recap of last week’s The Black List here.

We open in 1994 with a teenager grabbing a purse then being chased by a hotel concierge until a Lincoln pulls up and takes him in. Inside is none other than Lance Henriksen, best known as Bishop the android from Aliens but he’s been a consistent tough guy character actor for years. Times must be difficult if he’s here. Clearly this was done before the news about a new Alien movie, which ignores everything after the second one. Though as an android he’s not supposed to age. Gonna take a lot of CGI to make that work. Where was I? Oh, turns out he knows who the kid is and has an actual file on him. He offers the kid a chance at a new life where his skills are appreciated. I think we just saw Tom’s origin story at the Home for Evil Children.

Even after losing his only witness, it seems the Schlubby Cop’s case against Liz is still going forward. How, I don’t know, but because the show needs it to, it is. It’s also in Federal court, which is odd because the Harbormaster is local law enforcement. His death isn’t a Federal crime simply because a Federal officer was involved. Maybe this is why Harold and Black Female Asst. Attorney General are so annoyed with Liz. Well that and her going to trial could expose their task force and again we’re told only 41 people know about it. Come on, dude! There’s 40 people in that building alone!

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