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Last week on The Blacklist…the investigation against Liz proceeded while Reddy and Agent Ressler set off for Germany to locate Tom and convince him to come back and clear her. To do this, Red uses his contacts to disrupt the weapons deal that Tom had set up with the gang he’d joined, causing them to turn on him and the entire meeting ending in a gun battle with most of the gang dead and Tom in the wind. Back in states, Harold confronts Liz about the charges against her and has a seizure due to his tumor, which results in Liz learning about his illness. Reddy and Agent Ressler return without Tom, but Tom nonetheless turns up at the last minute in the courtroom to confess. The judge wants to talk to Tom, but Connolly, soon to be the next Attorney General shows up to shut him down, warning him he could be arrested for violating national security. He then takes Tom and it’s understood that as far as the world knew, Tom did not exist. Liz sets up a trust for the daughter of the dead harbormaster using the money from selling the apartment Reddy gave her.

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We open with a lab where one man is very worried about the things they’ve been doing. A man with glasses who’s clearly nuts tells him he can walk and they’ll replace him. Turns out the guy should have walked given the next scene has him killing a state trooper when the truck the guy is driving is stopped and a bunch of bodies are found in the back with their skulls cut open. Ew. That he steals the patrol car to get away in is perhaps the most original thing I’ve ever seen on this show.

Later, while giving Liz wine made with grapes she and her father planted as birthday present, Reddy tells her that the killing is connected to a billionaire’s project dedicated to making people immortal. The billionaire is totally cooperative when Liz and Agent Blonde Dude come to talk to him about it. Apparently he’s never seen a science fiction movie in his life to think that scientists don’t go crazy and do crazy experiments. The medical examiner tells Liz and Agent Blonde Dude that the bodies were not only experimented on, but the people in question were already brain-damaged even before the experiments. “Who would abduct a defenseless disabled man and subject him to such cruelty?” Liz asks because apparently she’s forgotten having met a doctor so crazy he kidnapped women and kept them in comas while they gave birth to his children.

So what was hinted at last week was made totally clear: Tom is as free as a bird with all charges dropped. Well, a bird being hunted by Neo Nazi drug dealers anyway. He tells Liz this as he hops into a car with Lance Henriksen. Take us with you! Your life is so much more interesting than hers!

Remember the Crazy Scientist from before? He’s not only angry that “his patients” are now all over the news, but when trooper-murdering guy calls to tell him that he’s running and that Crazy Scientist should run too, Crazy Scientist not only declines but goes back to yelling at a woman with her head cut open to speak.

The billionaire who funds the Crazy Scientist apparently as friends in high places as Future Arrogant Bastard Attorney General comes by to talk to Harold about it. Now that Harold is feeling better and walking without the cane, he’s not taking any crap. Oh, Harold. He made you, he can break you. You’re an arrogant hypocrite but it will still pain me to see you broken.

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