Brian Williams Has Been Trying to Get Into Comedy For More Than 5 Years

By on March 8, 2015

Brian Williams, the man who was once the most trusted news anchor in the world, has been trying to get into comedy for more than five years.  With an audience of more than eight million people on NBC Nightly News, Brian Williams doing anything but anchoring a news show was not the direction NBC was willing for Williams to take.

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Williams had wanted to replace Jay Leno on The Tonight Show. According to NY Magazine, NBC appeased Williams by offering him a weekly prime-time program called Rock Center. Williams had initially hoped Rock Center might develop into a variety show, but instead the show ended up more like the news show, 60 Minutes. The show never took off and ended up getting canceled after two seasons. This didn’t stop Williams from trying to break into comedy. He even approach CBS CEO, Les Moonves, about succeeding David Letterman in his talk show, but Moonves wasn’t interested.

Brian Williams has been able to pull off some funny jokes,  including his very own version of ‘Rappers Delight’ that went viral and Baby Got Back after he appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. He has also hosted SNL, and even played himself, “Brian Williams,” on 30 Rock.

What Brian Williams is not understanding is that the reason the audience finds him to be so funny when he appears on television shows like Jon Stewart, Jimmy Fallon or 30 Rock – it is because comedy is the last thing they are expecting from the News Anchor. As a news anchor, Williams’ role is to be serious and read the teleprompter. We are not expecting jokes from the man and when we see him any other way – we view it as funny.

Rather than jumping right into hosting such popular television shows like The Tonight Show or Late Night with David Letterman, maybe Williams should consider hosting a daytime early show like The Today Show or Good Morning America. Clearly, he is battling with his ego and must think he is better than that, but you have to start somewhere and since he is/was highly regarded, the morning shows may be the best place for him to begin his new career in comedy. Then again – he can always be a rapper – he already has two viral songs out there.

What do you think about Brian Williams in a comedy role? Do you think people would be able to take him seriously in comedy or should he stick to delivering the news?

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