Cate Blanchett Ends Interview Because of Horrible Questions

By on March 26, 2015
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Cate Blanchett is earning the reputation as an outspoken, no nonsense, tough lady. Blanchett appeared on a television show, The Project, in Australia to discuss her role in the hit movie, Cinderella, when she didn’t like the line of questioning and made it clear by asking the interviewer if that was really his “f**kin question?”

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The interview got off on the wrong foot from the beginning when Blanchett was told she “seemed like the type of person who should crack open a beer.” Blanchett responded by telling the interviewer, “this date is not going well. I do not drink beer.” Cate prefers a potato vodka but based on the interview, it doesn’t seem like that would have helped.

From there the interviewer made the huge mistake of asking Blanchett about a scene in Cinderella, where she appeared to be walking (or more like dragging) a cat on a leash. He was wondering how Cate got the cat to walk on a leash as he had tried it in the past and had little success. The expression on Cate’s face was priceless, before the words came out of her mouth. She asked the interviewer if that was his question? His real “f*ckin question?” With that, Blanchett high fived him and walked off the set.

The incident was not the first time that Blanchett has questioned interviewers and their tactics, including the E! Network when they shot a close up of her body during the 2014 Sag Awards. She bent down and asked the cameraman if he did that to the men, as well?

Is Cate Blanchett earning a well deserved reputation for being a bit on the nasty side? Or are the questions just plain ridiculous?

Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.

The video can be found on the next page. Definitely worth seeing if you need a laugh.

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