Catfish: The TV Show Recap 3/25/15- Season 4, Ep. 5- Chitara & Priscilla

By on March 25, 2015
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“Catfish: The TV Show” is just a hot mess this season. I do not even know how this show is still on and more people are not in jail for the crap that they put others through. You can keep up with season four of “Catfish: The TV Show” right here.¬†

nevvvNev has had to take on guest co-hosts with him since Max is off making a feature film. Let’s hope that Max is back because he really is the yin to Nev’s yang. So far, we have had a lot of people just trying to get back at others and heart aches that are really sad. We have had Charlamagne, Angel Haze, Tyler Oakley and Cassidy Wolf by Nev’s side to help him out and that has been great. Why? Because some of them have been victims of catfishing so they can see the signs very clearly. It usually comes down to a phone number that gives away the person that they are desperately trying to locate.

The Harold and Armani episode was super hard because Harold leaned on Armani after a handful of his friends were killed. He was preparing to go to college and Armani became a great ally but she was really just playing him all along and it was disgusting. Fortunately, he stayed away from her after filming. Last week, Daisy wanted to meet Marcus face to face, a man who helped her via Instagram. She had been blamed for her dad’s death and it involved the fact that she was in a relationship with a woman.

She spent a lot of money on Marcus but they never came face to face. Nev and company flew to Marcus where he claimed he was camera-shy and never had any intention of paying Daisy back for the gifts she bestowed upon him. Daisy did want something more with Marcus but he declined. Sad face. Tonight, Chitara, who was spurred to come out to her family after meeting Priscilla online, hopes to learn what happened to Priscilla, who ended their relationship unexpectedly.

Keep reading to see if we find Priscilla.

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  1. darci

    April 13, 2015 at 8:10 pm

    I can’t believe the amount of work that Ashanti/Priscilla had to do to keep her Catfish life going…seems way more effort than is worth it, even if she was trying to escape her bad life. I sincerely hope things work out for both of them. (also a side note, I loved that they used “Trouble” by Ethel & The Chordtones when Nev, Alex, Chitara and her friends all go go-kart racing, I really love that song it’s so good to hear a woman rocking like that)

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