Catfish: The TV Show Recap 3/4/15- Season 4, Ep. 2- Courtney & Isaak

By on March 4, 2015
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“Catfish: The TV Show” is back for season four and Nev is still continuing his mission to crack online internet relationships. You can keep up with last week’s episode of “Catfish: The TV Show” right here.

nevvvNev is without his partner in crime Max as he is off shooting a film for the first five episodes. Instead of going it alone, Nev has recruited some friends to help. Last week, he had Charlamagne helping him when it came to a single mother named Miracle. She had fallen in love with a guy but only talked online or via text. Finally, they learned that the guy she was talking to lived down the street so they met up and were ushered in. It turned out that a girl was actually playing the role of this guy to catch a friend’s cheating boyfriend or something ridiculous like that. Nev insisted that they sit and chat after a fiery meeting.

The ladies took their time the next day to get to know one another. Because they lived so close, they decided, in a twist that they would try to become friends and maybe hang out. Not so bad. I still feel like people know what they are doing now that this show is a success. Catfishing is in the dictionary so I think that some are just jumping on the boat. Tonight, a woman named Courtney tries to rebuff a relentless guy she met online. That is where Nev and former Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf come into help. Fans of the show are stoked to be guesting with Nev because they are sure that they can solve the mysteries.

Keep reading to see how Nev and Cassidy handle this one.

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Cassidy was perfect to join Nev as she has had her own creepy online experiences. She was secretly taped by a creeper and it was put online for the world to see. So she is definitely ready for the task at hand. This was no regular episode like Nev thought it was be. Rather than getting an email from someone at home wanting answers, the show’s production staff contacted him. They had gotten a letter from Courtney, a girl who “seeing” a man named Isaak and really wanted to meet him.

When Courtney was contacted about being on the show and finally meeting Isaak, they learned that she had never sent the letter. Rather Isaak was trying to find a way to get to her so he went the extra mile and of course, that freaked Courtney out. Nev calls Courtney to learn the details. Yes, she and Isaak had met through an online chat and they had exchanged numbers. They were texting but soon, he texted her a photo of himself which was not the photo he was using on the site they had met on. She confronted him and told him to leave her alone and that she was not interested.

Cut to now when she is seeing how interested he really was. It is time to head to Georgia to meet Courtney and as per usual, Nev does his picture/Google search thing. They get several results on the original photo Courtney had seen but when they entered in the one that Isaak had texted her, they learned that he was actually asexual. So why was he interested in Courtney? The dude has a foot fetish! Did not see that one coming at all. They decided to go back in time to the original application that Isaak sent in under the guise of Courtney.

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