The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2 Recap 3/3/15- Season 26, Ep. 9- Total Eclipse of the Heart

By on March 4, 2015
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“The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2” is winding down and only four teams are left in Panama plus one in exile. You can keep up with “The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2” right here.

challengeIt started out as a hard season to begin with as we went into it with two of the cast members having passed away. Both Diem and Knight had died after filming so we tried to savor all that we could while they were around. Working with your ex that you may or may not have feelings for is not ideal. Sometimes it pushed teams harder while others just slacked because they did not care anymore. The Dome came down to Sarah and Jordan versus Jonna and Zach, two power couples in the house. It was all manipulated by Wes who wanted to get Zach out because he really just wants to win it all. He claimed Zach was his boy but if they got rid if him, Leroy could fill the void so he and Nia fell into the trap.

Sarah and Jordan win the Dome which was just what Wes wanted all along. Now Jonna and Zach are no longer a threat to the teams and they can move on. Down to the final four teams and it is tough competition but little do they know that one team will be returning. I really hope that Wes gets a kick in the butt because he is smart with the mind games but he needs to be put in his place at this point. He is obnoxious and I am sick of it. At least Jonna left the challenge feeling way better about herself as she was always put down by Zach. Yet, in the Dome, she had to help carry him along.

Keep reading to see what happens when an exiled team joins in.

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Wes’ life is crushed right at the beginning of the episode when the remaining couples head back to the Dome. There, they are greeted by Nany/Johnny Bananas and Zach/Jonna. They learn that the couples will go head to head and the winner will return to the house. Bananas is always so hungry to win so I had no doubt that he and Nany would dominate…and they did. With Zach gone, Leroy is now Wes’ right-hand man which does not sit well with Bananas since they had their own bromance.

The house was so unsettled when they learned of the twist, especially with the idea of Bananas coming back. The house, though it was never perfect, had so much less tension now that he was away and with his return, it was going to disrupt everything. It was now time for the first challenge with the returning couple and it was called Wrecking Ball. The mission was to get opponents, suspended high in the air over water, knocked down into the water.

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