Chris Hemsworth Hosts Saturday Night Live 3/7/15 – Zac Brown Musical Guest – Cameos Luke and Liam

By on March 8, 2015
'chris hemsworth hosts saturday night live'
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Chris Hemsworth hosted Saturday Night Live on March 7, 2015 with the Zac Brown Band as musical guest!

'chris hemsworth hosts saturday night live'

Chris celebrated hosting Saturday Night Live with his brothers, Liam, Luke and Callum, played by Kenan Thompson, and fielded questions from the audience. Chris’ big reveal was that the last time he was on live television was when he starred on Australia’s version of Dancing With the Stars. Hemsworth is best known for his role as Thor, but was also on the cover of People Magazine for The Sexiest Man Alive issue. When asked by an audience member what it is like to be the Sexiest Man Alive, Chris said what really matters is what’s in here (pointing to his heart) but said, ‘muscles.’

The cold open was all about the latest Hillary Clinton ‘scandal’ involving her personal emails.
Some of the funny skits included Disney Channel’s Brother 2 Brother, The Iggy Azalea Show, an Action News 7 special report with The Avengers, and more.

One of the can’t miss skits includes the Empire Promo – where Chris Hemsworth plays the ‘white character’ and the American Express skit where Chris talks about all the reasons he was told he couldn’t be an actor – related to being too tall, too blonde and having too big muscles. They also told him he wouldn’t be able to have sex with women because he was too big. The moral of the American Express commercial was ‘if a jacked Australian with a perfect face can make it, anyone can.’

Also, make sure to catch Zac Brown Band’s performances of “Homegrown” and “Heavy Is the Head” with Chris Cornell below.

Hillary Clinton Cold Open
Hillary Clinton (Kate McKinnon) says she has nothing to hide in her emails and that this scandal won’t stop her from becoming president, if she decides to run.

Chris Hemsworth Monologue
Chris Hemsworth celebrates hosting SNL with his brothers, Liam, Luke and Callum (Kenan Thompson), and fields questions from the audience.

Keep reading to see the American Express Ad, Weekend Update, The Zac Brown Band and much more!!

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