Chris Soules and Whitney Take Relationship to Next Level!

By on March 11, 2015

All The Bachelor fans can rejoice as we have just learned that Chris Soules and fiance Whitney Bischoff are moving on and moving in. They have had to hide their relationship for months so that the mystery could continue but when Soules proposed on Monday night’s “The Bachelor” finale, no one was all that surprised. The couple has seemed to be a perfect fit from the beginning and they could not be happier.

chris and whit

Soules, who is a farmer in Arlington, Iowa is actually not taking Bischoff with him but rather the other way around…kind of. As just announced, and again, not a shocker, Soules was named the final and surprise member of the latest season of Dancing With the Stars. DWTS will actually take the time slot that The Bachelor occupied starting this coming Monday, March 16th. So, the engaged couple is keeping home in Los Angeles for the time being which is basically however long he stays on the show which could be one week or the whole season.

Bischoff sounds like a girl in love. Have U Heard had the opportunity to speak with her where she revealed,  

“One of the hardest things of all of this was being separated, so it will be nice to be together finally.”

Bischoff, who was a fertility nurse in Chicago, will continue working but revealed her company has given her a job that has much more flexibility, enabling her to live in Arlington, Iowa and work at the same time.  When all is said and done in LA, the hope is that they can take it slowly and Bischoff can adapt to the farming life.

Question: how far would you go for love? Would you move to a farm to be with your fiance or would you be more reluctant? We wish them the best and will see them again next week!

Good luck to the couple, let’s hope their journey continues.

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