Criminal Minds Recap 03/11/15 – “Breath Play”

By on March 12, 2015
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This week’s episode of Criminal Minds fades in with several deep breathing sounds, and reveals the face of a female jogger by the name of Emma Zika, who’s enroute to her home. Once Emma is inside her house, she immediately takes off her sneakers, shuts the downstairs lights off, and briskly rushes up the staircase toward her bathroom to take a shower. Meanwhile, the Unsub, is already in her home, as he’s not too far off in the distance, waiting patiently in the dark for her.

By now, Emma is in the shower, the Unsub, Patrick Jon Murphy, follows the trail of her workout clothes through her bedroom, and quickly notices the red elastic headband on her dresser. He slowly walks over to the item, picks up the hair accessory, and places the flexible item in his jacket pocket and disappears. By now, Emma is just finishing up with her shower, and continues on with her bedtime rituals, and finally exits the bathroom wearing a black negligee. The next time we see, Patrick, Emma is fast asleep, and he’s wearing night vision goggles, he patiently studies his victim, while stroking her beautiful face.

Meanwhile, Doctor Savannah Hayes is examining Meg about a belly button piercing gone infected. Callahan makes her entrance into the examining room to discuss her teenager’s bad choice with Morgan’s doctor girlfriend.

Later in the morning, at the BAU Headquarters, Morgan and Callahan are discussing Meg’s poor choices when he realizes that Callahan is glowing, so he gives her a huge hug. Garcia notices “hugs are happening”, so she wants to get in on the lovefest. Few minutes later; Garcia puts two-and-two together, and unknowingly announces Callahan’s pregnancy in front of the entire team before she starts this week’s slideshow, which has the BAU heading to Madison, Wisconsin to solve a string of female deaths that seem to stem from erotic role playing.

Once arriving in Madison, the BAU split up to begin their investigations, Hotch and JJ meet up with Detective Angela Pierce at the precinct, while Rossi and Reid speak with the ME about what really caused Emma’s death, and Morgan and Callahan are at the crime scene trying to pry information from Emma’s husband.

By now, Garcia is on speaker phone and is searching her database to find the common link between the three female victims. Garcia was able to find out that all three women did in act know the Unsub, and he used a different disposable cell phone with each of his lady friends.

Later that evening, Patrick is standing outside of a single-family home, he’s on his cell phone speaking provocatively with Lynn Boyd. The two lovebirds are flirting up a storm, when Lynn abruptly tells the Unsub, she’s tired and has to get up early the next morning, so she’s going to cut their conversation short. Patrick doesn’t seem too happy with her sudden change in attitude, but has no choice to agree with her decision. After Lynn hangs up the phone, we see her silhouette through her living room window, as she turns off her downstairs lights, the Unsub is in the middle of the street walking by this window, as he’s all smiles.

The next time we see the Unsub, he’s wearing night vision goggles quietly walks into Lynn’s bedroom, as she lays sleeping. Patrick leans over her thin-framed body, admires her beauty, and begins to stroke her light-brown hair. By now, he’s holding a nylon rope, and is ready to use it…when all of a sudden, she rolls over to say, “What took you so long?” From that moment on, it looks like the two enjoyed an intimate evening together…

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