Criminal Minds Recap 3/4/15 – “Lockdown”

By on March 5, 2015
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'criminal minds 3.4'

Criminal Minds opens with a male security officer making his rounds in a Texas prison. The cell block he’s investigating is noticeably dark and quiet, so the officer radios into his supervisor that he will be taking a bathroom break. As he places the key into the bathroom door, his eyes advert to a fresh pool of blood in the middle of the floor. With that said, the security officer takes out his flashlight and begins to follow the trail of blood to a nearby janitor’s closet. Once inside, the officer finds the evidence guiding his eyes up three tiers of wooden shelves. On the top shelf, the officer finds a deceased security officer named Rudy Hightower with his wrists bound with duct tape and a bloody sock stuffed in his mouth.

Meanwhile, at the BAU Headquarters, Rossi is sitting comfortably at his desk, and on the telephone with Warden Miles Tate. Hotch is standing in front of Rossi’s desk listening in on his conversation. After Rossi hangs up with the Warden, Rossi reveals to Hotch that Officer Hightower is the second security officer (Officer Rivers was the first) who has been killed within the last six months, and the BAU has just received an invitation to the prison to investigate these murders.

The next time we see the BAU, the team is being greeted by the Warden and the unsub, Captain Dale Shavers. Rossi and JJ head to the infirmary to meet with Doctor Bruce Borrego, he tries to assist the agents with their questions, but does point out the fingers are broken and set to resemble the number seven.

By now, the prison is in lockdown, Randall Jefferson Jones, an inmate is pushing a food cart in one of the cell blocks. He arrives at Sam Pritchett’s cell, but before he passes his food box to Pritchett, he says, “Keep your damn mouth shut.”

Hotch and Reid are in a makeshift office, Reid is sitting at a table filled with two large piles of case files. Hotch asks Reid, “How long will it take you to read all these files?” The handsome doctor replies, “126 minutes.” Without missing a beat, Hotch asks Reid to get to it, as he needs this information pronto. In Reid’s discovery, he informs Hotch that he did read through all the files and noticed that one inmate by the name of Devon White went missing three months ago.

Later that day, Randall Jefferson Jones is alone in the shower, one of the inmates shut off the lights. A few minutes later, Randall has been murdered in the same fashion as the other murders. This news doesn’t take long to reach the Captain, Warden and Hotch.

With another death on their hands, Hotch and the team begin their investigation with the inmates, but before Morgan enters the interrogation cell, he is outside on his cellphone with an overly nervous Garcia. She informs Morgan that officers Hightower and Rivers have matching banking activity. Translation: their behavior seems sketchy!

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