Dance Moms Recap 3/17/15- Season 5, Ep. 11- Nia’s Last Chance

By on March 17, 2015
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“Dance Moms” is truly insane this season as we never know who is coming and who is going. Plus, Abby keeps having meltdowns and it is great to see her have emotions but it does interfere with her teaching. You can keep up with season five of “Dance Moms” right here.


The time spent in Los Angeles was not an absolute failure as Kalani, JoJo and Nia betrayed Abby and filmed a music video for MattyB. He is this huge internet sensation and being in his video was huge for the ALDC and the girls. But when things did not go Abby’s way, she demanded that the moms take their girls home. That caused a divide between the moms as Melissa already had two stars in Maddie and Mackenzie and Jill will do anything to please Abby and keep Kendall on top. Now that they are back in Pittsburgh, every week something changes based on ages or ability or just plain old Abby crabbiness.

Last week, the ALDC faced off against the Rotten Candy Apples and Cathy, Abby’s favorite nemesis. As per usual, Cathy wanted to play games and degrade the dancers and the moms but everyone is so used to her antics. Cathy showed her evil side when Lucas’ mom Bridget went to wish the ALDC luck. Apparently, you cannot talk with the enemy and in the end, Lucas was thrown off of his team. Did not matter because the ALDC came in first place, beating the Candy Apples and really, that is what it is all about.

Tonight, the ALDC heads to competition with a risky non-lyrical routine. Nia, Maddie and Kendall feel the pressure with solos while Nia is singled out with an ultimatum from Abby. Holly has not been getting along with Abby and she has verbalized it, making people think that she and Nia will be the new Christi and Chloe. Meanwhile, Holly makes friends with two unlikely allies when she tires of being victimized by Abby.

Keep reading to see if the ALDC comes out on top.

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