Dance Moms Recap 3/31/15- Season 5, Ep. 13- Mackenzie’s Time to Shine

By on March 31, 2015
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“Dance Moms” is making the moms go up against each other and it seems like the dancers are the only mature ones there. You can keep up with season five of “Dance Moms” right here.


Abby Lee Miller was all over the place when she took the Abby Lee Dance Company to LA. She seemed to only be focused on Maddie who has solidified her spot in Hollywood. She is in high-demand since she appeared in the Sia video for “Chandelier.” She has since performed on the Grammy Awards, in more Sia videos and everyone wants a piece of her. They all had the chance to be in a MattyB video in California but when Abby made it to the studio, she vetoed everything. She was telling all the girls to leave and in the end, Kalani, Nia and JoJo stayed for the video shoot. That divided the moms now that JoJo and mom Jessalynn are official members of the ALDC. They left California and returned home.

Nia and Holly continued to clash with Abby but she did not care. It looked like it would be a Christi/Chloe situation and no one wanted that. Nia has been on the team since she was three; this is all that she has known. She was given a solo and was told that if she did not place, she would not have another one for a long time. Needless to say, we won’t see her dancing alone til next season. The ALDC has also had to come up against the Rotten Candy Apples, whom they dominated. Funny enough, Cathy took rejects from Abby and made a team out of them. They still could not beat the ALDC. Now, with another trip to LA looming over everyone, the moms are trying to do all that they can to ensure that their girls get all they can from this trip.

Tonight, Mackenzie tries to shine while her sister Maddie is away; not an easy thing when Maddie is always on top. At the same time, Abby comes up with a sassy, funky but risky routine to go up against Cathy’s new premium Candy Apples team. Will it work?

Keep reading to see if the ALDC wins again!

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