David Beckham Laughs at His Many Hairstyles

By on March 26, 2015

David Beckham is known for his amazing soccer career, his wife Victoria, a former Spice Girl, his amazing good looks and…..his hair. When it comes to being a trend setter, David Beckham is ahead of the curve, especially in his younger days when it was all about his famous hair.

Appearing on The Grant Norton show, Beckham reviewed his many hairstyles with the talk show host, laughed and even questioned his own mind set when he sported his famous look.

Norton was in awe as Beckham’s hair was followed as much as Rachel from Friends. Asking Beckham if his hairstyles were thought out or if they were just a whim, Beckham said they were not all thought out. Clearly. Based on what you will see below, we are sure you may agree with us.

The Top Knot

'david beckham - the top knot'

This hairstyle was worn during Beckham’s younger soccer playing days.

The Dread Locks

'the dreadlocks on David Beckham'

What was David Beckham thinking with this hairstyle? Beckham himself admitted,

“That was maybe a bad decision. It was a bad time in this world because I was actually going to South Africa with England and I ended up meeting Nelson Mandella. so that’s why I regret that.”

The Mohawk

'david beckham mohawk'

Beckham said about this hairstyle, ‘I was asked to shave it. We had an hour before kickoff, I said no at first. But after seeing the coaches face, I went and shaved it off in the toilet.”
He revealed his soccer coach was very strict and the hairstyle was a reflection on the team’s reputation. The coach also felt all the players should look professional. Since they were playing at Wimbeldon, David agreed the coach ‘kind of had a point.’

Today’s Modern Day Hair for David Beckham

'david beckham hairstyle'

What do you think of David Beckham’s many hairstyles? Do you have a favorite? Do you prefer his look today?

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