Dig Recap: Catch You Later 3/12/15

By on March 12, 2015



Last week on the pilot episode of Dig, Peter Connelly meets a young mysterious woman, Emma, who reminded him of his dead daughter. The pair witness part of the groundwork of many organizations fulfilling their part of a prophecy. The woman ends up being killed and Peter finds himself buried deeper and deeper into the case and was about to be arrested for investigating her apartment.

They take Peter in and get him cleaned up. Cohen talks to him about the missing events in his timeline. Cohen’s skeptical about how the car ‘came out of nowhere’ and the MIA driver. Peter points out that Yussef and Emma are connected and now they have to  fill in the blanks of just how the two people’s lives correlate.  Lynn arrives to get Peter back. They leave the room so he can give her the same story. Lynn is furious that Peter’s less than helpful, despite him insisting he couldn’t have much choice in the matter of not seeing anyone but Yussef. He points out Cohen’s onto the fact the mystery man in the photos of Emma is him. They need to hatch an excuse soon. Peter goes back to get Cohen to go investigate the place again. Meanwhile in New Mexico, the redhead is retrieved by Billingham’s assistant to get debriefed about New Josh. They arrive in a church, where Billingham tells Debbie she saw things she wasn’t supposed to see. She points out she didn’t even know what she saw so she might as well be clueless. Billingham wants to make sure she’s still committed to Their Mission. He’s convinced the Mission is a test from God to earn forgiveness. He approaches a covered body and pulls back the sheet to show Debbie. She’s horrified to see it’s her Josh. He asks if she’s still with them. She says yes.

In Jerusalem, the Farmer Boy takes Red, his cow, around for a walk. He hears something in the woods and is very much not about trying to figure out what it is. He turns back, then goes to visit Olaf. Olaf hears the door knock, then holds a gun to the door. He opens it, and his visitor merely smiles. The visitor points out that the boy is out without being guarded. Olaf insists he’s fine, but the visitor doesn’t believe it and threatens him before he leaves again. Back at the precinct, Peter asks Cohen about the corrupted picture. There’s been no luck, so he’s in the clear for now.

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