Dig Recap: Meet the Rosenburgs 3/19/15

By on March 20, 2015


The senator continues her speech from the last episode, schmoozing politicians and rich people alike. Peter bursts into the room. Lynn drags him out and he informs her Yussef may be in the Consulate building. The Senator isn’t happy. She tells everyone to evacuate. Shortly after, Marines brief them: no sign of Yussef anywhere inside or around the building. Peter goes home and turns to the bottle to settle his bad day. He finds another few clues that may attach to the case, including a map with a note “It’s all about nineteen.” He starts to try to figure it out when Lynn arrives. She takes his drink. They have sex.


The next morning, a freshly-shaven Yussef gets a knock on his door. Someone has left him a suit. In Israel, the Farmer boy talks to Red. They’ve made it onto the ship successfully. The boy investigates the ship and comes across the crew having a drink. They scare him off. At the compound, Fay and Debbie join Billingham in his office. He wants Debbie to take him into town so he can experience real-world things- arcades, ice cream, the works. Fay’s not happy Debbie has to be included. Back with Peter, he checks back at Emma’s apartment. There’s a red balloon tied to the balcony. He starts playing her music when there’s a knock on the door. He answers and it’s a man delivering tickets of some sort: There’s a note attached reading “you’re onto something, Em.” Back with Josh, Debbie and Redhead, the women argue, and Josh is all but oblivious, enjoying the outdoors. They go towards a place and pass a road sign with a sign with an upside down cow on it.


Yussef meets with a buyer of sorts. They talk about the house they meet up at. They lead him to a vault of varying antiques from digs in Israel. He spots one in particular- a stone that bears a striking resemblance to the Senator’s necklace. The buyer says it’s not for sale. Back with Peter, he and Cohen chat with an antiquities expert of their own. They ask about what Emma was there about, and he pulls a substance in a microscope slide: it’s some substance from a cow.  With the farmer boy, he goes to meet the captain to see if he can get food but is unsuccessful again.  In town, Josh plays a few arcade games. Debbie orders them milkshakes and spots a cop come into the place. She heads for the bathroom and freaks, then sees a window and escapes, then finds a payphone. She makes a phone call to “Charlie”, who sounds stunned to hear from her, then notes not hearing from her in three years. He asks if she’s using again, and she asks him to do her a favor. Inside, Fay gets suspicious and goes to check on her. Charlie hangs up without agreeing to Debbie’s terms, and it looks like she’s stuck.


Fay is about to knock on the door when Debbie opens it. There’s a beat of silence, then Debbie attacks her. They struggle and Debbie wins the fight. She takes Josh and leaves, then flags down the officer. With Peter and Cohen, they try to figure out what Emma was trying to research. Peter sees a building from one of the photos. He pulls Emma’s drawing and matches up one of the arches with the one he sees a few feet away. He fact-checks with Cohen, then the address turns out to be Nineteen. Peter goes to investigate. Inside, there’s a book in a glass case and it’s open to chapter nineteen- where a red cow is mentioned. A woman approaches them, mistaking them as tourists and takes them on a tour. She goes through a handful of the artifacts on display, then mentions a high priest who was the only one allowed to enter a chamber that housed the Arc of the Convenant. A few other people join them, and one visibly sizes up Peter. His name is Rabbi Lev. Peter pretends to need a bathroom and goes to check out the place further. The Rabbi and another man intercept him. He talks his way out of it, but Lev still questions him. He pulls a photo of Emma from his phone to gauge Lev’s reaction. He doesn’t give much away. Cohen meets up with him, insisting that the people there are nutjobs and potentially dangerous. Peter dismisses him, and Cohen threatens him that he’ll have him arrested if he doesn’t give him more information on what’s going on. Peter reluctantly agrees.


On the boat, the farmer boy finds a gun. He goes to the crew that gave him a hard time and demands food. The crew laughs it off, then one beats him and takes the gun. With Cohen and Peter, they arrive at an apartment and find it tossed. Peter panics that Emma’s journal is gone, and Cohen is furious that he stole evidence. They have a scuffle and it gets interrupted by the Rabbi’s guard. They prepare to fight him, but it turns out he’s on their side- he’s an undercover cop who’s investigating the Rabbi and the group. He denies seeing Emma around the area, though. He warns them to stay way, then leaves.  A ways away with Debbie and Josh, the cop from the diner seems skeptical. He tells Debbie to sign her statement. Meanwhile, Yussef finds an old friend. They flirt, then he invites him back to his car to have sex. He proceeds to strangle the friend and kills him. He prays for forgiveness, then takes a card out of the man’s wallet.


On the boat, the farmer boy cries and apologizes to Red for failing him. The crewmember who beat him earlier shows up and he’s convinced he’s going to get beaten again, but it turns out the man has brought him a plate of food for being brave enough to stand up to them. Meanwhile, Peter wakes up from another nightmare. He calls his ex-wife again and muses about an old memory about their daughter. His ex tells him she talked to the doctor- she thinks it’s best if they stop talking for a little while. He says it’s fine, then hangs up. Nearby, Yussef scales a wall. He’s breaking into the vault from before to get the stone. At the police station, Debbie is horrified to see the cop lead Billingham in. Josh says he told him Debbie would fail, then leaves. Yussef successfully steals the stone. With the Senator, it turns out one of her stones were fake, and she’s furious with her people- now Rabbi Lev is among them. They point out Peter is getting a bit too close for comfort. The Senator promises she’ll take care of him.


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