Dig Recap: Prayer of David 3/26/15

By on March 26, 2015



Peter looks over a bunch of articles on the leads they found from last week with the cow, bible passage and the new group of potential extremeists. He calls Cohen to help him chase another lead. He gets in Peter’s car and points out this is bigger than Emma’s murder. The group they’re investigating have murdered to cover their tracks before. They want to destroy a temple that’s being built. Cohen’s not so sure- he thinks that the people involved will know that destroying a temple would start World War 3. Peter replies, “exactly.”


The Farmer Boy gets off the boat. The rough equivalent to his host father meets him at the dock in Croatia. He brings him to his car, where there’s a girl in the backseat. The boy insists since he and the girl aren’t married he can’t sit next to her. The man talks him into it, explaining there’s nothing to worry about.


Lynn checks in with the Ambassador. She apologizes for her ‘office’s’ problems, and the Ambassador points out the ‘office’ is just Peter. Lynn doesn’t argue- til the Ambassador suggests firing him, with a thinly veiled threat to boot. Lynn leaves, and the Abassador calls the Rabbi, also passing on that if she doesn’t take care of Peter, they will. The undercover cop hears it all and heads out.


Cohen and Peter go see Cohen’s father to get his input on the newest issue with the Temple. When his father ticks off the checklist of what this prophecy needs, Peter finishes it- cow, boy, stones and on. Cohen’s dad is impressed Peter’s read up on it. He tells them the stones were scattered across the world to prevent this very thing. The people who keep the stones and tablet safe call themselves the Sons. Peter asks where they can find the tablet. They leave, and Peter asks Cohen how he ended up relatively agnostic when his father is so religious. He shrugs it off. They check in with Lynn, who is furious that they’re still going all out. She tells him the Ambassador has noticed and tells him to dial it down. Peter says he will- yeah, right.


In a diner, Debbie’s friend who she called for help asks if the cook has seen Debbie. No luck. In the compound itself, a woman arrives to a cell to deliver food. Debbie is the prisoner. The woman says they’re praying for her full recovery, and that they all love her.


The farmer boy is given clothing by the man, then is asked to change clothes since the Orthodox Jew get-up would attract too much attention. When the boy’s in the bathroom, the man checks the cargo and gasps. Elsewhere, Debbie’s friend checks in with a waitress in the diner- the one who gave Debbie the milkshakes. She goes on about how Debbie attacked her. The cop who turned her in sees them talking. Her friend runs off. In the compound, the woman returns to see Debbie hasn’t eaten or drank anything. Debbie points out that she needs her help- she asks for her to call her mother to get her out of there. She rambles on about the evil of the Compound, and it starts to sound like she’s finally broken mentally.


Elsewhere, Cohen and Peter arrive at a bank, where they have agreed to meet someone to get information. They get inside one office, only to find that their contact has been murdered. Cohen realizes it happened a matter of seconds ago, so Peter heads into the ducts when they see a ceiling tile is askew, and Cohen runs to the front to see if he can head anyone off. They both miss Khalid making his escape by looking the wrong direction at just the right time.


Somewhere else, the Farmer Boy and his escorts arrive at a  large house. Somewhere on the property, a stranger plays with a scorpion, then lets it go towards the house. He puts on gloves, and wanders off. Debbie’s boyfriend arrives at the Compound itself. Billingham sees that he’s arrived and has people welcome him in. He greets the man when he storms in after one lady tries to send him away. He spins a story about how Debbie broke completely mentally. Charlie isn’t having it. He goes to find her. Debbie hears him and screams for him, but the cell’s soundproof. Charlie pulls a gun on Billingham and tells him to open a door- it’s a supply closet.


Khalid arrives at the Rabbi’s place. He’s come across a cypher- what they’ve been looking for. They talk with Cohen and Peter, they’ve found the other part of the cypher in their own hunt. Cohen’s father tries to make more sense of any leads he can with what they can get from the cypher and other evidence. Cohen points out something he remembered older relatives saying- one of the writings on leather they have- they people more focused on what was on the back than front. They align the cypher to the back of the writing and get a new lead about the Prayer of David. He points out the Prayer’s located in Rome, Israel and Istanbul. In Israel, it’s located in a place nicknamed Armageddon. Cohen and Peter hurry off.


At the compound, Charlie leaves, unsuccessful in his recue. With the Farmer Boy, the family he’s with hosts a big party. He gets talked into dancing. The Stranger looks on from a distance. He has a moment where he’s captivated by the girl, then sees a cross and feels bad. He runs off. With Charlie, he gets back into his car a few miles outside the compound, then finds a ring on the car floor. At the Compound, Billingham hosts another prayer meeting. Elsewhere, the stranger stands naked in front of a fire and coats himself in dirt. He starts chanting something. At the Compound, it turns out the meeting is about Debbie-she plays to the audience about being reformed, then turns on Billingham again, calling him a murderer who abuses the word of God.


That night, as the Farmer Boy and Red sleep, the Stranger arrives. He watches them for a while, then talks to the cow, saying he’ll be with it soon, but it’s not time yet. With Peter and Cohen, they go to find the piece that they’re looking for, but Khalid is also a matter of steps ahead. He starts destroying the mosaic in the area. People around him start making a commotion. Peter and Cohen hear it, then try to investigate. They spot Khalid and chase him. Khalid gets on a motorcycle and speeds off. Peter manages to shoot the bike- and apparently Khalid just in time. Cohen comes by with the car and they go after him, but Khalid gets up with the bike and tries to escape again. He’s able to outmaneuver them and leaves them in a dustcloud that messes with the car’s mechanics.


At the Compound, Billingham makes Josh choose Debbie’s guilt in going against them. He says she’s guilty.


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