Dress Like Adam Levine With His Spring Fashion Line

By on March 30, 2015
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Adam Levine, best known for being the singer of the hit band, Maroon 5 and a judge on the reality television show, The Voice, is also a Fashion Designer.

'adam levine fashion line at kmart'

The Adam Levine line of clothing, for both men and women, first came out in 2014 and can be found at Kmart. The clothing line includes denim jeans, t-shirts, track wear, denim jackets and more – for both men and women. I previewed the fashion line at Kmart in Manhattan and was impressed with the quality and style of the clothing. With prices of the Adam Levine fashion line capping out at $40, they are affordable too.

Whether you see Adam on television or in concert, he is sporting denim jeans. I spoke with Project Runway Alum, Kevin Christiana to hear about the inspiration and collaboration behind the line. Kevin works with Adam on the fashion line and gave us some insight into Levine’s style. He revealed that Adam loves to wear jeans until they are really worn in – almost falling apart. With four different styles of premium denim jeans in the Adam Levine line at Kmart, he has a lot to choose from. There is the Patriot, which has a straight leg, the Dean, which is a slim leg the Engineer, which is also a skinny leg and the Tishomingo, which is a boot cut. Adam can usually be found in the Dean denim jeans.

In addition to the mens line, there is also a women’s line of Adam Levine fashion sold at Kmart. My personal favorite was the denim jacket, which is also available in the men’s section, as well. The denim jacket was worn in in all the right places and affordable, costing less than $35.

The Adam Levine collection can be found at Kmart here!

If you have had the pleasure of seeing Adam Levine in concert, you might recognize some of the pieces.

We have photos from the Adam Levine Fashion line on the next page. Check it out and let us know your favorite pieces.

Disclosure: I was compensated for attending the event, all opinions are my own.

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