General Hospital Recap for March 16 to 20, 2015

By on March 21, 2015
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This week on General Hospital,…..Jordan finds herself in an impossible situation; Elizabeth and Jake kiss; and Anna resolves to bring Duke down.


At Kelly’s Jordan is stunned when Duke orders her to kill Julian—immediately. She tries to find a way out of it and even asks Duke if this is his way of proving if she is the mole in the Corinthos organization. Duke sternly reminds Jordan that if she wants to work for him, this has to be done. Jordan agrees, but later runs to Anna’s Metro Court room to ask for help.

Outside of Kelly’s Sabrina bumps into Carlos. Carlos warns her that the police may be questioning her about the night Ava died. Will she tell the police that Carlos murdered Ava? Sabrina doesn’t know so Carlos urges her to tell the truth. Sabrina tells him that she has been hired as Avery’s new nanny. Carlos warns her not to get involved with Michael.

Nathan arrives at Anna’s place where Anna tells him that Jordan’s cover has been compromised. Anna wants Nathan to help her, but Nathan ends up calling Anna out on her true motives. It seems to him that Anna put Jordan in a tough position in order to get revenge on Duke—because Duke broke her heart. Anna bursts into tears. It’s obvious she still loves Duke, but is so angry at him! Jordan arrives, slightly panicked because she believes her cover has been blown. She tells them that Duke ordered her to kill Julian to test her loyalty. Nathan suggests that Anna give Jordan the warrant to arrest Duke; this may be enough to bring him down. Anna balks, but Jordan reminds her that they both knew that they would hurt the men they loved when they went into this operation. Anna finds her resolve and stands up straight. Okay, she will get the warrant.

Sam asks Julian to hire Jake—a legit job of course. Julian promises, but we are pretty sure he will use Jake’s mercenary skills to good use. Julian also suspects that Sam has romantic feelings for Jake, but Sam insists that she only has eyes for Patrick. Meanwhile at the Metro Court Ric enters looking for a drink, but finds Carly instead. Carly taunts him about losing Elizabeth because of Jake. Ric thinks that Carly is jealous.

Sonny is mighty upset to find Jake staying with Carly. Jake tries to appease Sonny by apologizing for planting the bomb that almost killed Michael and everyone else on the Haunted Star—and thanks Sonny for saving everyone. When Sonny learns that Jake intends to work for Julian, he swears that Jake is now his enemy! Carly returns home before things get too ugly between Sonny and Jake. After Jake leaves, Sonny tells Carly that he is not okay with Jake living there. Carly almost tells him that Jake is going undercover to bring the Jeromes down, but she bites her tongue.

At General Hospital Patrick questions Elizabeth about her break-up with Ric and her feelings for Jake. Does she intend to pursue a relationship with Jake? Elizabeth would like to, but isn’t sure now that Jake will be working with the Jeromes.

Morgan meets up with Kiki at Kelly’s where they strategize on how to challenge Michael for custody of Avery. Morgan remembers that Michael’s father and paternal grandparents had drug and alcohol issues, so it should be fairly easy to prove that Michael also has substance abuse problems. It’s in his blood! Kiki reminds Morgan that Michael is not a drinker, but Morgan thinks they can push Michael in that direction.

Meanwhile Michael—with baby Avery, now called AJ—calls Sabrina to meet him at the Metro Court restaurant. He has a late night meeting with a developer and needs Sabrina to care for Avery. Michael sees Duke, who is there to have dinner with Lucy. He rips into Duke for turning his back on AJ when AJ had given him a job at ELQ when Duke had returned to Port Charles. Insulted Duke walks away, even though Michael has a really good point. Lucy approaches Sabrina to ask her to participate in the Nurses’ Ball. Sabrina says she cannot since she no longer works at General Hospital, but Lucy insists that Sabrina’s participation is crucial. After all, it was Sabrina who had brought it back from the dead. Sabrina agrees to perform. Later Duke has dinner with Lucy and they agree to move forward with their relationship.

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