General Hospital Recap for March 9, 2015 to March 13, 2015

By on March 14, 2015
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This week on General Hospital….Ava struggles to survive; Luke uses Nina and Franco; and Michael realizes how difficult it is to take care of a baby.

In NYC Ava is stunned when Silas tells her that she has cancer. A rare form of leukemia to be precise. The irony is not lost on Ava as she realizes that out of all the trauma she has survived, it is a quiet disease like cancer that is taking her down, not getting shot and thrown off of a bridge. When Ava suggests a bone marrow transplant, Silas says that he had her blood relatives tested. None of them were a match—and Delia may be a match, but she is too old. Her marrow would not help Ava.

At Shadybrook Luke convinces Franco and Nina to release his restraints so that he can help them escape. What he does instead is take Nina hostage. Franco creates a distraction until Luke drags Nina into the hallway, threatening to snap her neck. The guards try catch Franco and Luke, but Luke outruns them. Franco tends to Nina. Is she okay? Nina nods. She and Franco retreat to Luke’s room and begin kissing.

Back in Port Charles Spinelli rushes to the Quartermaine mansion to tell Tracy he has Patricia Spencer’s last known address. Maybe the current occupants can give them some info on her! When Lulu enters, Spinelli announces that he and Maxie are getting back together. Tracy urges him to return to her and together with Lulu, they plan to visit Patricia’s old house. However, they do not get very far when Lulu receives word that Luke has escaped from Shadybrook.

Spinelli returns to the Falconeri home to find Maxie kissing Nathan. Nathan wants to break up0 with Maxie, but she convinces him that she loves him. This is just a bump in the road of their relationship. Nathan agrees to go home with Maxie, much to Spinelli’s dismay.

At Sonny’s house Michael is livid when he realizes that baby Avery is not there. He orders the officer to arrest Sonny and demands ot know where Avery is. Just then Kiki and Morgan return from Ava’s memorial holding Avery. Michael orders Kiki to give his sister to him, but Kiki asks him if this is what he really wants. Is he truly prepared to take care of a baby? Sonny smirks, but the same could said for him. We all know that both Michael and Sonny have plans to hand Avery over to a nanny. Michael has a weird conversation with Avery—in front of everyone—where he announces he intends to change her name from Avery Jerome Corinthos to Avery Jerome Quartermaine, aka AJ! After Michael leaves, Morgan suggests ordering pizza and playing Monopoly. Let’s have family night! Kiki awkwardly apologizes to Sonny for her part in this mess. Sonny assures her that it’s fine; and we find it strange that Kiki is not angry with Sonny for taking Avery from her. Anyway, they play a game, Sonny sort of feels better and Carly spends the night, leaving us wondering who is taking care of Josslyn. Bobbie?

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