General Hospital Recap for March 2 to March 6, 2015

By on March 7, 2015

This week on General Hospital…Avery’s custody case is settled; Luke channels his inner Hannibal Lector; and Jake makes a deal with the devil.

At Shadybrook Nina happily tells Franco that she faked a mental breakdown so that she could return to Shadybrook to be with him. Franco leans in to whisper that he has been faking, too. Nina jumps off the bed. She yells at him; he’s been faking the entire time! Franco explains that he was not in the beginning, but the LSD wore off quicker than he—and everyone else—anticipated. But he faked his psychosis to stay near Nina. Franco apologizes for lying to Nina and tries to get her to admit they are more than friends. Nina pretends she doesn’t know what he is talking about, so Franco kisses her.

In NYC Ava is furious when she learns that Sonny and Michael are fighting for custody. She is further upset when she watches live footage online of Carly with Avery. Ava tries to leave, but Silas stops her. He reminds her that she is not strong enough to walk and if she steps foot in Port Charles, she will be arrested! Ava doesn’t want Carly raising her daughter; she correctly surmises that Sonny will probably hand Avery over to Carly to parent. She pleads with Silas to help her—or does he intend to turn her in? Silas sighs. God help him, he cares about her. He will keep her secret.

Back in Port Charles Ric grills Michael on the stand. He reminds Michael that he is a murderer, just like Sonny. Carly stands to explain that Michael had killed Claudia to protect her and Josslyn. Ric then takes another tactic. Michael is not even blood related to Avery, why does he care about her? Michael reminds the court that he was adopted, therefore Avery is his sister. And he intends to protect her to the dangerous lifestyle that Sonny leads. Ric then leads a passionate argument that Sonny saved Michael’s life and that Michael couldn’t have a better father.

Outside of Kelly’s Julian calls his associates and orders them to rally the troops! As long as he is back, the Jerome organization is back! Carlos arrives and tries to make peace with Julian. Yes, he shot Ava, but he swears Ava would have shot him to protect herself. Carlos reminds Julian how loyal he was as well as how valuable he can be, so Julian rehires him.

At General Hospital Elizabeth is about to admit her feelings to Jake when Sloane interrupts. Sloane offers Jake a job in order to stay out of prison: go undercover with the Jeromes. Jake laughs, but finally accepts the job. Meanwhile Elizabeth gets a call from Nikolas, who is at Shriners Children’s Hospital in Boston. He says that Spencer is doing the best he can and he is grateful for the excellent care. Elizabeth wants to visit him, but Nikolas says it’s all right. It’s really nice to see the two of them being such good friends again.

In Boston Nikolas is happy to see Sam, who arranged for Monica to take care of Danny so she could support her cousin—and grill him about Jake. Did Helena tell Nikolas who Jake really is? Nikolas balks at the questioning, but when Sam waxes poetic about Jake’s potential family missing him like the way she and Danny miss Jason, Nikolas announces he has something to tell her. However, before he can say anything, a doctor interrupts to say that Spencer’s blood pressure spiked. Nikolas rushes to Spencer’s side and Sam leaves, clearly realizing that Nikolas needs to focus on his son right now.

Morgan meets with his dad at Kelly’s to ask him if he can bring Avery to Ava’s memorial in New York. Apparently Delia, Ava’s mom, planned a memorial at Ryan’s Pub. Sonny arrogantly refuses, reminding Morgan how much he hated Ava, but Morgan coaxes his dad to let Avery meet Delia—just this one time. Kiki didn’t fight him on custody and it would mean a lot to her to have her sister there. Sonny concedes as if this great act of his is very magnanimous, but really, it just shows what an asshole he is.

Kiki is in NYC with her grandmother Delia at Ryan’s pub where Delia has hung a very flattering portrait of Ava. Kiki thanks her grandmother, saying that her mom always loved that photo. Delia frets that the service won’t be classy enough for Ava’s art world friends, but Kiki assures her that it is perfect. Julian arrives and finally meets Delia. Silas arrives, much to Kiki’s delight. Kiki marvels at the coincidence that Silas was already in NYC looking after an ICU patient. Silas reminds her that he is here for her. Morgan enters with baby Avery. As Kiki and Delia coo over her, a hooded figure lurks outside. It’s Ava, who despite her promises to Silas to stay put, learned that Avery was going to be at the memorial from a text from Kiki on Silas’ cell phone. You didn’t think she would miss the chance to see her baby girl, did you?

Earlier at the courthouse Julian asks Michael to drop the custody case, but Michael insists he is doing the right thing. Later Alexis also asks Michael to reconsider since Ric will only bring up more unsavory details of Michael’s past. Michael stubbornly refuses. When Judge Walters enters, replacing the previous judge, Michael looks smug as everyone is stunned. Alexis hisses to Michael, what did he do?! Michael says nothing as the case continues. Carly wracks her brain to place Judge Walters; it’s not until the recess that she realizes where she has seen him before. He’s Monica’s boyfriend! Sure enough when Ric tries to get the judge recused from the case, the judge coldly informs him that all of them pose a conflict of interest. Ric is Sonny’s brother, and uncle to Avery. Alexis fathered a child with not just Ric but Sonny. Alexis is the mother of Michael’s sister. So if the judge gets recused, then Alexis and Ric will too. Later the judge announces his decision. Despite Sonny’s seemingly heartfelt announcement that he loves Michael and his plea for Michael to drop the case, the judge awards custody of Avery to Michael! Sonny, however, refuses to hand her over immediately. He lies, saying she is at the house with the nanny when as far as Sonny knows, she is in NYC with Morgan.

Carly stops by Jake’s room at GH to check on him. She overhears a cop badger Jake into taking Sloane’s deal. After the cop leaves, Carly approaches. Why won’t Jake take Sloane’s deal to avoid prison? Jake sighs; he’s stuck in a difficult place. He doesn’t want to go to prison for crimes that he was forced to commit yet he doesn’t like Sloane’s deal either. Carly promises to get Diane to work on Jake’s case, but Jake doesn’t want any more of her charity. He declares he will take Sloane’s deal, but makes Carly promise to keep quiet. Wait until she learns what the arrangement is! Later Elizabeth catches Jake accepting the deal from Sloane. When she asks what is it, Sloane covers, saying Helena took full responsibility for Jake’s crimes and he is now a free man.

Dante has coffee with his ma where she drops a big bomb on him: She’s preggers! He spits out his drink. Say what now? Olivia explains it’s Ned’s and how supportive Ned has been. Dante wishes his mom well, even though his new sibling will be younger than his son Rocco.

Meanwhile Tracy is at the Q mansion babysitting Danny. Ned is surprised and thinks Tracy knows about Olivia’s pregnancy. Tracy can’t resist teasing Ned about impregnating two women from Bensonhurst. Still she can’t deny that it won’t be nice to have a new baby in the house along with Avery and Danny for playdates. Ned wishes AJ and Jason were still around, but no mention of Emily.

Back in NYC Kiki begins Ava’s memorial with a eulogy. She says that while she and her mother did not always get along, her mother taught her a lot. She hopes to pass on that knowledge to Avery; we sure hope it’s not sleeping with Avery’s husband because that’s what Ava did! Julian, Silas, Morgan, and Delia also say a few words, which make Ava weep in the doorway. Why no one has noticed this hobo lurking is beyond me. After the service, Kiki and Morgan take a walk, Silas returns to the clinic, and Julian heads back to Port Charles. Delia sings “Oh Danny Boy” to Avery until she falls asleep (which we actually see, what a good baby!) As Delia goes to pour herself a cup of coffee and dry her tears, Ava enters and slowly pulls off her hood. Hi, Mom! Delia drops the coffee pot and throws herself behind the bar, trying to convince herself that her grief is causing her to hallucinate. Ava gets her mother’s attention and convinces her that she is real before she goes to pick Avery up. Miraculously Avery does not cry over the commotion. Delia finally comes to her senses and demands to know how Ava is alive. Ava admits Silas helped her as Silas enters. Silas is furious; he returned to the clinic and found Ava’s room empty. He warns her that she could get caught! Ava gathers Avery and announces she is making a run for it. She begs Delia to keep her secret, but Silas stops her. Where does she think she is going with the baby? Ava insists this is her only chance, but both Delia and Silas convince her to leave Avery. It would break Kiki’s heart; Ava is not fully healed and is no shape to be on the run with a baby. Ava reluctantly leaves Avery with Delia and returns with Silas to the clinic, where Silas has some bad news for her. Ava is dying! Say what now?

Lulu calls Tracy to GH where Bobbie is sitting with an injured Scotty. It is unclear what happened to him until Lulu explains to Tracy that Luke attacked him in court. Actually Luke went full Hannibal Lector on Scotty, who had taunted him. Bobbie tries to comfort Scotty who moans that Luke bit his ear off! Thankfully the doctors were able to sew it back on.

At Shadybrook Franco—now free of his restraints—schemes with Nina to maintain their crazy ruse. Nathan and Dante arrive with a bound and gagged Luke, looking very much like Hannibal Lector wheeled in a straightjacket and iron mask. Franco becomes alarmed when he hears that Scotty was hurt. He sneaks into Luke’s room where he delivers the line, “I am Franco Baldwin. You hurt my father, prepare to die!” Luke chuckles. Give it your best shot, Junior! Franco grabs a pillow and begins to smother Luke when Nina walks in. She stops Franco, convincing him that killing Luke will not help their plan to escape. Luke’s ears perk up. He believes he can help them! Nina dismisses Luke’s proposition, but Franco believes Luke may be of some help.

Maxie knocks on Lulu’s door, eager to talk to Lulu about her Nathan/Spinelli dilemma. To her surprise and annoyance, Spinelli answers the door. He explains he is bunking with the Falconeris and is helping them search for Patricia Spencer—using illegal means. Maxie gets upset. Once again Spinelli has pulled her into something she can’t share with Nathan. She hates being caught between them! Spinelli gloats that she has feelings for him and pulls her into a kiss as Nathan arrives. Naturally Nathan is angry; he believes Maxie has chosen Spinelli over him. Maxie claims that Spinelli kissed her and she did not respond, but it sure didn’t look like that! As Nathan threatens to beat the living daylights out of Spinelli, he gets a hit on the search for Patricia Spencer. Spinelli grabs his computer and runs out to tell Tracy. Nathan turns to Maxie. He thinks they should break up!

Sonny and Carly return to Sonny’s house where Sonny calls Morgan. He orders him to take Avery and Kiki to his private island; he will join them soon. Meanwhile Michael returns to the Q mansion where Alice and Tracy have prepared the nursery for Avery. Tracy notes the poetic justice of Michael taking Sonny’s daughter when Sonny—many years ago—took AJ’s son (Michael). She tells Michael that Edward would be so proud of him; he has become the Quartermaine that her father wanted. Later Michael heads to Sonny’s place where he realizes very quickly that Sonny lied. Avery is not there! He orders CPS to arrest Sonny!

Back in NYC Kiki and Morgan return from their walk, narrowly missing Ava and Silas. Morgan tells Kiki they need to leave the country with Avery since Michael got custody. Kiki refuses; while she knows that Michael would never let her see Avery, she thinks being on the run isn’t the best life for her baby sister.

What do you think, GH fans? Will Luke, Nina, and Franco become Port Charles’ newest trio of villains? What did Spinelli learn about Patricia Spencer? Will Kiki delivery Avery to Michael? Who do you think Avery belongs with? And how in the world is Ava dying?

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