Geraldo Rivera Calls Netanyhu a Racist – Twitter Calls Rivera Anti-Semite

By on March 20, 2015

Geraldo Rivera caused an uproar after appearing on Fox News to speak about the recent election in Israel.

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In Rivera’s opinion he thinks that Netanyhu made a racist appeal during his campaign for Prime Minister.  Rivera believes, ‘Bibi Netanyahu revealed his true self in this election.’ While the co-hosts at Fox News did try to defend Netanyhu and provide the ‘other side’ of the story, Rivera was having none of it. He even followed up with another statement on twitter saying,

“To those complaining that @BarackObama took too long to congratulate @netanyahu If I was president I would have sent postcard via snail mail”

Those who saw the interview between Geraldo and Fox News went crazy with what Geraldo had to say and Geraldo was quickly trending on Twitter worldwide. Some of the tweets against Geraldo Rivera included the following:

@foxandfriends Once again Geraldo shows his extensively liberal stance, supporting anti-Israeli administration. Makes blood pressure rise.

Geraldo missed his calling in life. Would have made a Great Clown.

Never liked Geraldo and his almost naked selfie said everything about his character. But dissing Netanyahu is a new LOW.

Before heading over to Fox News, Geraldo wrote on his Facebook page,

Today I’m offering my controversial opinion on the Israeli elections and giving folks a preview of my Saturday night special report on Scott Peterson, who has been on death row for exactly ten years.
The co-hosts of F&F Elizabeth, Steve, Brian and I often disagree on substantive issues, but I have never had more supportive, loving, loyal colleagues in my 45 years in the news business. They are by far the number one rated morning crew in cable for good reasons.

It sounds like he was hoping his ‘friends’ over at Fox and Friends still wanted to be his friend following the interview. Interestingly enough, Fox has not posted the interview on their Facebook page or website as of yet. Does this mean they aren’t happy with Geraldo’s statements?

Geraldo Rivera’s most recent stint to make him relevant includes participating on the reality television series, Celebrity Apprentice. Geraldo came up against Liza Gibbons but in the end Gibbons won the title of Celebrity Apprentice.

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