Glee Series Finale – Rachel Pregnant – By Who?

By on March 21, 2015
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The hit musical series, Glee, has had a rough time since actor, Cory Monteith died from a drug overdose. While the show had ‘Gleeks’ who watched religiously during the first couple of seasons, it couldn’t keep its fan base interested and so, the series finale has aired.


The Gleeks want to know what happened with all of our favorite characters, including Rachel, Mercedes, Blain, Kurt, Mr. Shu and Sue. Who married whom, whose child is Rachel pregnant with, and much more of was answered during the two hour series finale.

During the first hour, we saw how the Glee Club actually began and in the second hour of the episode, we find out where our favorite characters paths have taken them. We have a summary, by character of how they joined the Glee Club and where they are now below:

Kurt joined the Glee Club during his freshman year of high school. We learned Kurt was considering killing himself but thankfully was saved by Emma and his father. Emma told Mr. Hummel that his son was depressed and needed to join a club at school so he would feel a part of something. We also learn, Rachel encourage Kurt to join the Glee club.

Where is Kurt in the Glee Series Finale?
After much breaking up and making up, Kurt and Blaine finally did the fans justice and got married. Their acting careers are doing great and they have a surrogate for their baby. Any guesses who their surrogate is?

Tina and Artie
Joined the Glee Club on a dare.

Where are Tina and Artie now? The couple have gotten back together after hitting a rough patch in their relationship. Artie wrote a movie that was selected for the Slamdance Festival.

Joined the Glee club after speaking to Rachel about singing. When Rachel listens to Mercedes’ sing, Rachel tells Mercedes she wouldn’t be any competition to her. And so a rivalry is formed.

Where is Mercedes now?
Mercedes is going on tour with Beyonce, as her opening act. She tells her friends she won’t be able to keep in touch with them as much while she’s traveling.

We learn that Sue and Will were once best friends, but they had a falling out over the Glee club. Sue was concerned that the Glee Club would take the spotlight away from her cheerleaders and demanded Will make a choice – their friendship or the Glee club. Will chose the Glee Club.

Find out where Sue is now and her shocking career choice, What Will is up to and who is Rachel’s baby daddy on the next page.

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