The Bachelor’s Becca Tilley Talks About Chris Soules – She Didn’t Love Him

By on March 10, 2015

Becca Tilley made it to the final two on The Bachelor. While Becca liked Ch

ris Soules, she wasn’t at the point in the relationship where she was in love with The Bachelor or ready to get engaged.

'becca tilley - the bachelor chris soules - makes it to final 2'

We watched Becca throughout the season of The Bachelor, wondering if she would make it to the end and wanted to know more about her. Have U Heard had the opportunity to speak with Becca Tilley, where we learned what Becca is looking for in a man, how Chris helped to change her viewpoint on love and much more! Check out what Becca had to say below:

Question:  How do you feel you were different than Whitney? Whitney and I have similar personalities. The difference was that she was ready to get married and have kids and that is not something I was ready to do.

How did you get to the point where you knew you didn’t want to live in Arlington? Going on the show, I thought that I would be able to move, but I also knew I would have to be sure to pick up and move for someone whether it was Arlington or somewhere else.

Could Becca see herself falling in love with Chris? I saw Chris as someone I could fall in love. I just wasn’t at the point in the timeframe when we were together.

Looking back – do you think there was a moment that you should have pulled out of the show? Or are you glad you stayed until the end? I think the progression for my feelings was there. I liked Chris. I don’t think anyone who has strong feelings for someone – should pull out.

Is Chris your type of guy? Yes – he is my type of guy. I don’t think I would have stayed if he wasn’t my type of guy. If there hadn’t been a time constraint, maybe it would have been different. I am looking for someone who is genuine, kind and humor.

You expressed your hesitancy to fall in love and getting hurt while on the show – but you never really explained why? Was there something in your past that happened that has made you so afraid? I am a very confident person. In the last relationship it was very on and off and that is what caused my hesitancy to open up and for me to be more verbal about it.

Are you dating anyone? No.

Has anyone been in love with you? I don’t know.

Would you have accepted a ring from Chris? I told him I wasn’t ready to accept a proposal and I hoped if he did ask that we would be able to continue dating.

Becca Tilley pointed out that Arlington is a good place to have and raise a family.

What did you think of Becca? Were you rooting for her?



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