Did Katy Perry Just Announce She is Pregnant on Instagram?

By on March 17, 2015

Did Katy Perry just announce to her more than 15.5 Instagram followers that she is pregnant?

'katy perry mom necklace sparks pregnancy rumors'

Perry posted a photo to her Instagram account, where she is showing only her lips and she is holding a necklace that says “Mom.” The theory is that either Katy is pregnant or maybe it wasn’t even her photo. The lips look a bit fuller then Perry’s lips – so anything is possible.

Perry has been rumored to be on again with her on again/off again boyfriend, John Mayer. She has also been allegedly hooking up with Mumford and Son band member, Winston Marshall. If we wait a few weeks, we can speculate as to who is the baby daddy of the ‘alleged baby?’

This isn’t the first time Perry has been accused of being pregnant. When dating Mayer there were always pregnancy rumors surrounding the singer.

Perry was married to comedienne Russell Brand, who just revealed a documentary about his life where it is implied the reason the couples marriage ended in 2012 was because of Perry’s fame. In the documentary, Brand revealed how he was tired of his Hollywood lifestyle and he was shifting toward an interest in supporting charities.The documentary shows Brand sitting down with Perry to talk about money and fame. In the film, Katy tells Russell she picked him to marry because he makes her look good.

Katy’s story is very different from Brand’s story. In her documentary, she revealed the couple split up due to their busy schedules. A common excuse for celebrity couples to get divorced, but not necessarily always true.

What do you think of Katy’s necklace? Do you think the photo is really her? Do you believe she is pregnant or is she possibly referring to her being a mom to her fans?

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