Kim K. Can’t Fight the Blonde!

By on March 9, 2015


Kim Kardashian West went platinum blonde last week for Paris Fashion Week. It was definitely a big change from her dark locks and it seemed like something that her husband, Kanye West, had a big influence over. Kardashian had gone blonde a few times over the past several years, but more so of an ombre. Her biggest transformation was after she had daughter North West. It was the most natural, if you ask me.

After debuting the platinum locks, Kardashian went on to go even lighter…as in chalk white. She looks like a statue that could crack at any moment. It seems that she is constantly changing her look since she started with West. It seems like only yesterday that she went and chopped her usually long hair off up to above her shoulders. Totally not a Kim move. She evolved in her twenties but it was more with highlights or different jeans, not a complete make-over. We do know that Kanye does pick out his wife’s wardrobe; he renovated her closet as soon as they started dating.

Check out this photo of Kim with her short dark hair and a throwback of when she went blonde a few years ago…a Kim-blonde if you will.


That is a far cry from where she is today and to top it off, not a week into her new blondness, she has to get touch-ups, which she pointed out on her Instagram. I wonder what is harder maintenance: Kanye West as your husband or the platinum Gwen Stefani blonde? Now, we want your input. What do you think of her new platinum locks? Do they suit her or does she just look plain and boring? Better question: how long will it take for her to go dark again? I am giving her maybe two weeks – but I could be wrong.

You can catch up with Kim and her whole family when “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” returns to E! Sunday March 15th!

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