Kosher Soul Recap 3/4/15 – Episodes 3 & 4

By on March 4, 2015
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'kosher soul recap 3/4/15'

Comedian O’Neal McNight is serious about converting to Judaism as he plans his life with Miriam Sternoff. ┬áBilled as a culture clash, it feels more like many other relationships. We’ve seen the mother tension, the best friend tension, Miriam get a grill, and O’Neal get wet.

So far they have managed to keep things fresh while entertaining us but how long before we wonder what Miriam sees in a man she feels a constant need to tell to behave. And what’s with having to negotiate a nice honeymoon? Or asking permission to wear a grill? Maybe O’Neal’s best friend and Miriam’s mother do know best.

Tonight the couple heads to New York where they will put their families together for the first time…at their wedding. Then before the honeymoon ends, O’Neal will already be worrying about becoming a boring old married man


O’Neal and Miriam discuss their families meeting in NYC. They go to visit Nancy, Miriam’s mom. O’Neal can’t figure out brunch because according to him black people only have dinner. I get that he’s a comedian but really? Nancy reminds him that he has to behave. Miriam chokes up remembering her father who passed from pancreatic cancer five years earlier.

Now in NYC, they’re hanging out poolside as the families show up and the families segregate themselves. O’Neal clams they haven’t seen this many white people since…then throws in a 1950’s joke. In an honest moment he talks about his family not knowing anything about Judaism but then throws in a joke about stereotypes about pennies.

Finally he gets serious and tells his family that he is a reflection of them. Miriam takes time with O’Neal’s dad who expresses pride for the man his son turned into.

Miriam thought the meeting of the families was successful though O’Neal was upset that Andre didn’t show up. Miriam made sure to drive the point home telling him he should be upset. Then realizing it was their last night of being single, Miriam broke out the grill.

When it came down to it, the wedding was beautiful. All of O’Neal’s jokes aside, it was about tradition and a couple in love. The families came together in support and one of the most touching moments invoked Miriam’s father. Despite worries that he’d be a no-show, Andre was there and gave a speech congratulating the couple. Miriam and O’Neal are now man and wife.

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